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From smartwatches, BlueTooth headphones to smart rings and more, wearable devices are moving forward in a smarter, more diverse, more convenient and more technological trend. These devices are changing the way we communicate, monitor and share information, becoming increasingly relevant to our daily lives.

The Market for Smart Devices

In the overall wearable device market, smart bracelets and smartwatches are currently the most widely accepted in the market due to their clear application context. With the maturity of the application market and the development of high-end products, the wearable device market continues to grow. IDC reports that 444.7 million wearable devices were shipped in 2020, a 28.4 percent jump from 2019. Analysts attribute the growth of the wearables market to the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers accumulated more disposable income during this period. At the same time, driven by factors such as new supply and declining prices, the market achieved 27.2% year-on-year growth in 4Q2020, with the largest share of ear wearable devices  (hearables), which still accounted for 64.2% of sales, followed by watches (24.1%) and bracelets (11.5%).

Grepow smartable device shaped battery

The Shaped Battery

These devices are a big hit without each internal part, we are going to elaborate today is our area of expertise – battery. With the progress of technology and market demand, manufacturers have innovated the battery, and various types of batteries have sprung up and can be matched to smart devices. If this arouses your curiosity, go to Google related information, you will find that the Bluetooth headset may be used inside the round battery, VR glasses to use the gun shaped battery, the ring used a curved battery, etc. We can no longer simply define the battery, R & D personnel based on the traditional electrolyte materials, ratio updates, the battery shell and shape also upgraded, in function can be divided into high and low temperature batteries, high rate batteries, high voltage, etc., in the shape can be divided into curved batteries, U-shaped batteries, D-shaped batteries and other types of special-shaped batteries.

L Shaped Batteries

In addition to wearable smart devices, as long as the products related to electricity, also began or have tried to use these emerging batteries. In the Apple phone (XS, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max) disassembly review, we can find that the battery is not used in patchwork, but a whole piece of “L” shaped, in the “L” corner there is an arc inward concave. Obviously, this battery was designed to increase capacity. Using a battery that fits perfectly into the shape of the battery compartment is the best way to increase the capacity, as this eliminates all unnecessary gaps and provides the possibility for more power to be injected.

Grepow L Shaped Battery iPhone replacement battery

With a passion for innovation and meeting the needs of more consumers, through continuous research and development by engineers, Grepow is now also able to produce L-shaped batteries with an internal concave shape. Just imagine what other scenarios this type of battery can be used in. It may provide the best power solution for more smart devices and help develop and optimize all kinds of equipment.

The Future

There are many potential applications in the consumer world, where the shape of the battery can limit the design or duration of the product, such as power tools or electronics. Shaped batteries / customized batteries can fundamentally remove these barriers, allowing the design and performance of the product to be boldly exploited, accelerating the pace of technological advancement in the field.

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