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NMC 811 Battery - the reliable energy for drones | Tattu

NMC 811 Battery - the reliable energy for drones | Tattu

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The new, innovative technology – known as the NMC 811 batteries, is supposed to be the next-generation cathode technology. This innovative technology – NMC 811 battery, has actually solved a complex electrochemistry puzzle that many researchers have been trying to solve for several years now. Nevertheless, NMC 811 technology isn’t that unknown and new, it has been in the spotlight of government, academics, or several industries or labs for a pretty good time now.

Overview of the NMC 811 Battery

NMC is considered the most efficacious technology – a cathode combination of lithium-manganese-cobalt-oxide batteries (NMC) – also called nickel-manganese-cobalt ( NMC / NCM ). The NMC 811 batteries are composed of various materials that are also present in other lithium iron batteries available in the market. However, because of some essential and effective features, the working capacity of the NMC 811 battery is much higher than others. grepow nmc 811 uav battery

Characteristics & composition of the NMC 811 Battery

The NMC batteries are considered as an improvement of the already available batteries in the market – instead of distinct or novel chemistry. This NMC technology is a cathode composition – composed of 10% cobalt, 10% manganese, and 80% nickel. Hence, the working efficiency of NMC 811 batteries is much higher and efficient than others in the industry. The energy density – of NMC 811 battery technology, is up to 275Wh/Kg – and is supposed to break the energy density of the ‘Lipo batteries’ already existing in the market with the highest density of around 275Wh per kg. However, the capacity retention may stay above 90% after 600 cycles. This means that after every 600 cycles of all charge and discharge, the capacity of the battery may reach the level of 90%. Note that these two data are much higher as compared to the market – also, it shows a long cycle time of the battery. Furthermore, the dynamic voltage imbalances of the NMC 811 batteries are typically less than 100 mV.

Application of the NMC 811 Battery

The NMC 811 technology is relatively lightweight, reliable and sturdy as compared to other batteries in the market. In addition, it has a comparatively longer range for all professional field or cargo delivery drones – including consumer electronics, eVTOL, mapping, academic research UAVs, and others. Hence, such batteries can also be customized according to the requirements of certain appliances you may need.

Major Features of NMC 811 Battery

Below mentioned are the significant features that make NMC 811 batteries an innovative and effective technology.
  • Customizable size and shape – according to your requirements
  • Long endurance
  • High energy density
  • More sturdy, safe and durable
  • Over-discharge resistance (2.5V)

Battery models

Grepow NMC 811 high energy density UAV battery Currently, NMC 811 batteries have been used in electric vehicles, however, Grepow is the very first company that start using electric car batteries as a standard to bring together higher energy and safety performance to power UAVs. In order to enhance the functioning and the working of the UAVs also to maximize the efficiency of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone the NMC 811 batteries have been used by the company. We can see that this would be going to be an effective way to enhance the working efficiency and productivity of the UAVs. In addition, Grepow's batteries can accept custom BMS protection boards, which are very effective and useful for drones. It is majorly designed and developed for intelligent flight batteries. Such kinds of BMS are highly valuable for providing data statistics, security protection and highly capable intellect management for any smart drone battery. BMS can easily and highly manage the voltage, cell capacity, IR to enhance and maximize the working proficiency as well as expand the lifespan of the battery work. Furthermore, it can also be used to monitor other relevant elements like temperature and the voltage of the system as well. It might calculate other additional information related to the working of the drones as well that may include high and low temperature and other functions. [caption id="attachment_4259" align="aligncenter" width="575"]Grepow Tattu high energy density battery Pic from allendrones[/caption]

About Grepow

Grepow is highly specialized in spot drones and semi-customized batteries to be utilized for various purposes. Our customized batteries range from structure to chemistry to protection systems. Being a professional and highly capable battery supplier, we credibly provide you with perfect battery solutions for any of your projects. NMC 811 technology is, therefore, supposed to beat other already existing batteries in the market. If you want to utilize the service to meet your business needs or to enhance your work, you can get in touch with Grepow, Tattu, an authentic battery service provider that will provide you with effective customized ODM and OEM services as well. For more UAV/FPV Batteries, please click Tattu's official website, or email us at info@grepow.com. US Web: https://www.genstattu.com/ EU Web: https://www.gensace.de/

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