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What are Special Smart Wearable Devices?

What are Special Smart Wearable Devices?

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With the integration and the development of semiconductor technology, relying on the mobilization and comprehensive popularization of the Internet, the intelligent and flexible breakthrough of the manufacturing industry, Google wear glasses, smart bracelets, VR and other smart wearable devices have appeared one after another. In our vision, we have entered people's lives. These smart wearable devices can not only help people to feel the external environment they are in, but also realize the seamless connection and communication of human-machine information with the help of computers, the Internet or other sensing devices. With the gradual improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, people's requirements for smart wearable devices are becoming more and more personalized and diversified, and market demand and scale are becoming more and more urgent and expanding.

Special smart wearable device development

Driven by the civilian sector, under the trend of the future battlefield gradually turning to informatization and digitization, countries are vying to invest a large amount of human, material and financial resources to introduce smart wearable technology into the special field and to develop a special plan for smart wearable device systems. , initiated the development and application of related technologies, and achieved certain results. Such as the US Special's "Special Warrior Individual Soldier System", Russia's "Wolf Soldier 2000 Individual Soldier Combat System", France and Italy's "Future Infantry Individual Combat System", Britain's "Heavy Boxing System", and South Korea's "Future Force" The Warriors System, Japan's "Next Generation Melee Information Sharing System", India's "Future Infantry Combat System", Germany's "IdZ Combat System", etc., almost all of these combat systems use a variety of smart wearable devices.

Special smart wearable devices

Among the above-mentioned individual soldier systems,  some special smart wearable devices are more prominent, mainly as follows:

(1) Smart soldier uniforms

Wearables and sensors have been sewn into soldier uniforms and ergonomically designed to match forces. However, while increased computing power, artificial intelligence systems, and advanced processing speeds are expected to bring prior advantages to operations, greater reliance on computer networks require advanced security technologies. Almost all combat systems will rely on the network. Sensors, weapons and network technologies will all rely on secure computing to perform the most advanced combat missions. The wearable device worn by the soldier will immediately connect the target information, drone, and enemy tracking data. Wearables and sensors have been sewn into soldier uniforms and ergonomically designed to match forces. However, while increased computing power, artificial intelligence systems, and advanced processing speeds are expected to bring prior advantages to operations, greater reliance on computer networks require advanced security technologies. Soldier wearables, embedded sensors, night vision goggles, and wireless communication links require advanced security measures to succeed in battle. In the late 1990s, the Georgia Institute of Engineering and Technology developed a "smart shirt" that was used to monitor and monitor the physical condition of US soldiers.

Smart shirt

(2) wearable exoskeleton

In 2000, Sarcos developed the "XOS" series of wearable exoskeleton systems for the US Special Warrior Individual System.

wearable exoskeleton

(3) Smart helmet

Raytheon developed a smart helmet for the US special in 2012, which can be used by the aviation crew. The helmet is equipped with a computer and sensor display that allows soldiers to view a variety of graphical data, digital maps, intelligence, position, and more. Moreover, the device on the helmet can also cooperate with the thermal imaging weapon sight mounted on the weapon in the hand, so that the soldier hides in the shooting corner of the other party and reconnaissance the surroundings.

Smart helmet

(4) Smartwatches

Smartwatches can help Air Force pilots, crew members identify dangerous fatigue. Always tired during flight, or this is a more systematic problem for the Mobile Air Force. Sustained fatigue can greatly affect the reflex required by the pilot to maintain the stability of the aircraft, as well as the coordination required to refuel, land or handle an emergency in the air. The system includes a watch that measures the pilot's circadian rhythm or an internal 24-hour clock that regulates the person's sleep-wake cycle. Of course, the smartwatch battery life should be long enough. After the flight, many people will feel the time difference, because when they should fall asleep or wake up, their mind and body will be different. So one thing that can be seen is how many crew members are flying in the opposite direction of their biological clock. The combined data can act as a sleep aid. When the crew entered other countries, maybe he had been awake for 27 hours, but the watch told him, 'Hey, your circadian rhythm has reached its lowest point, now it takes two hours of sleep,''

Smartwatches can help Air pilots, crew members identify dangerous fatigue

At the same time, the development of smart wearable technology has also attracted great attention in China. Relevant research institutions in China have begun to study special wearable devices from the shallower to the deeper. For example, the "Dragon Warrior" individual combat system, the individual soldier status monitoring system, the human body power supply equipment and other special intelligent equipment products developed by Chinese special scientists.

 China special smart wearable devices

The war mode has changed due to a large number of applications of smart wearable equipment. Under the new war mode, the combat capability of the individual soldier system directly determines the strength of the overall combat capability of the battlefield, which makes the role of smart wearable devices in the special field more prominent. At the same time, we know that smart wearable devices are typical equipment of individual soldier systems. If a series of diversified products are used to install troops, the demand will be incalculable, so the market application prospects are very good.

Analysis of the development of the special field

Although the role of safety smart wearable devices in the special field is becoming more and more prominent, the market prospects are difficult to estimate, but the development of the following three aspects needs to be broken.

(1) Power supply

For most smart wearable devices, the battery is its core component, and without the electric wearable device, it doesn't matter, so the battery is still the biggest constraint to its use. Efficient energy technology or energy conversion technology is the winner of this problem, but it should be noted that these technologies must combine the needs of miniaturization and lightweight wearable devices.

GREPOW has developed a special battery that is customized to fit into any and all spaces in a product.

Fortunately, in order to break through the above problems, GREPOW has developed a special battery that is customized to fit into any and all spaces in a product. In order to provide the best efficiency, shaped batteries can be made to fit into even With our proprietary formula and high discharge-rate technology, you can maximize the run time and use of your product. Even in harsh environments, shaped batteries can be utilized at low temperatures of -50°C to 50°C and at high Temperatures of 20 ° C to 80 ° C.

(2) Sensing and interaction

The battlefield environment is complex, such as desert, high humidity, high heat, high salt spray, corrosive liquid and other high-level battlefield environments, which has certain destructive, interference and corrosive effects. How to effectively complete the transmission, transmission, and transmission of information, and correct Identification is another problem faced by special wearable devices. Therefore, sensing equipment and high-efficiency human-computer interaction technology with the certain anti-destructive ability and corrosion resistance are particularly important.

 Sensing and interaction

(3) Security encryption protection

Once a powerful special wearable device falls into the enemy, how to prevent the device from leaking and prevent the enemy from forging information to interfere or induce the war command is a security problem faced by the special wearable device. Therefore, the importance of constantly updated security protection technologies and encryption technologies in special wearable devices has become self-evident. many US special and industrial innovators are working on advanced lightweight encryption technology designed to protect computer systems and integrated networks that operate on the edge of the battle. Encrypted Sensors is a recently patented encryption technology designed to dramatically increase in the security and efficiency of network-dependent combat systems.

Special smart wearable devices

According to developers, this emerging technology embeds pre-programmed computer chips into the hardware itself without relying on software for encryption. The so-called Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology does not use software and computer processing units for control like traditional encryption programs. In individual combat, reducing computational processing and increasing efficiency can make smaller, portable technologies possible. In addition, these new encryption methods can connect multiple devices through a central hub, since no software is required. Encrypted Sensors' work is designed to reduce vulnerabilities associated with traditional encryption methods that use larger data "blocks" and rely on mathematical formulas. Using non-mathematical encryption techniques can bring substantial security benefits.

With the development of technologies in the fields of security protection, sensors, power supply, etc., and the advancement of manufacturing processes, the application of smart wearable devices in the special field will inevitably lead to international competition, and will certainly play a huge role in the future battlefield. Amazing effect. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time! Email: info@grepow.com Grepow Website: https://www.grepow.com/

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