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How to Store NiMH Batteries?

How to Store NiMH Batteries?

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We buy rechargeable batteries mainly to maximize their use for a long time. And battery storage and maintenance are crucial to extending the life of batteries. NiMH batteries are rechargeable batteries, which are widely used in: model remote control, vacuum cleaners, power tools, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, industrial electronics, etc. due to their wide variety of models, low price, good performance and environmental friendliness. However, where is the best place to store NiMH batteries when not using them? Next talk about 5 things before storing a NiMH battery.  

Separate the Type of Battery

When storing the batteries, the type of battery is essential. Make sure to separate them by production time and manufacture. The reason is: that batteries from different manufacturers can cause damage, start leaking, or react with each other.

Check the Packaging

If new secondary (rechargeable) batteries are purchased, but we do not use them immediately, leave them in their original packaging. This prevents the batteries from coming into contact with other metals for one reason: when the batteries come into contact with metals, they begin to conduct electricity.

NiMH Batteries and NiMH Battery Packs 
NiMH Batteries and NiMH Battery Packs

Note: Do not store batteries in metal containers, use battery boxes or plastic cases. Avoid putting coins or other metals in the same box as the battery. The positive terminal of any stored battery should not come in contact with the negative terminal. If you cannot ensure the isolation of the positive and negative terminals, use tape or plastic caps to cover the terminals.

Charge Condition

Always check the battery's charge level before storing. According to tests, the best conditions for storing NiMH batteries are around 80% charge. If you do not plan to use them for several months or longer, it is best to store them when they are fully charged.

Note: Avoid storing NiMH batteries with 0% power. If the storage time is relatively short (e.g. a few days), you can store them at low charge level or empty. Because of the self-discharge phenomenon of NiMH batteries, it can lead to over-discharge and thus damage the battery.

Ambient Temperature

When the temperature is extreme, the battery will lose its charging capacity. When storing batteries, please remember that the temperature of the storage place should not be too high. Conventional NiMH batteries need to be stored at room temperature (25°C ± 3°C).

Note: Keep NiMH batteries out of the sun and store them in any cool, dry room. Remember that the battery will self-discharge when it is left to stand. Grepow's NiMH batteries maintain 85% of their capacity even after 1 year of storage.

Ambient Humidity

High humidity is not conducive to storing electrochemical batteries. The ideal humidity level is 35% - 65%. Vapor-proof containers are an option to keep them out of high humidity environments.

Note: Do not place batteries in a refrigerator unless recommended by the manufacturer. Here's why: Condensation in the fridge can damage the inside of the battery.

Grepow different sizes of NiMH Batteries

Grepow different sizes of NiMH Batteries

Remember these 5 tips the next time you want to store your batteries. Give NiMH batteries stored in a dry, cool, non-corrosive gas-free place to get the best out of them.

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