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Drone technology experienced three development waves at the end of the 20th century. It really entered the first “golden age” In 1990. Technology spills over to civilian, the industrialization of drones enters the era of popularization. The use of drones has led to the creation of drone batteries. Drone batteries are increasingly being used and technical requirements are becoming more tougher. People are desperate to get the best drone battery.

What’s the best drone battery ?

As we all know, the best drone batteries have four characteristics, the longer their life span, the smaller the size, the lighter the weight, and the long life. However, such batteries do not necessarily meet your own needs and increase your unnecessary costs for the battery module. So, the best drone batteries should be defined as: the one that works best for your drone. First, you must have a clear understanding of your drone. This determines whether you’re looking for the right battery and it’s cheap.

According to the use of the field, drone can be divided into military drones, civilian drones and consumer-grade drones. You come in here, you must not use military drones. Because it’s a state-controlled drone. Its raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, component assembly are confidential. So let’s talk about civilian drones.  Civilian drones are divided into agricultural plant protection, forest fire prevention, disaster detection and rescue, cargo transportation, power line, industrial survey and so on. Consumer-grade drones are primarily using lower-cost multi-rotor platforms. For casual use such as aerial photography and games. I think you should know what kind of drone your drone belongs to.

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What kind of drone battery your drone fits

1.For a while at the beginning of the flight, agricultural drones have higher requirements due to loaded pesticides. It is best to use a 12S lipo-battery. This will be sufficient to meet the voltage required for the drone to start flying. It is also possible to use a 6S lithium-ion polymer battery. The premise is that your flight distance is relatively short.

2.The use areas of forest fire prevention, electric line and industrial survey are similar. Drone flights are relatively flat. Airspace is also in a consistent range. This type of battery is recommended for high-pressure lithium-polymer batteries. Because high voltage cell have high energy density, small size, light weight characteristics. This allows the drone to be loaded lightly and the flight time is extended. For a long time, the wear and tear of components such as the propellers of drones has also been very friendly.

3.Drones have commonalities in the areas of disaster relief and cargo delivery. The mode of flight is variable, and the airspace is high and low. The delivery of relief supplies or goods is relatively heavy. This makes the technical requirements for drone batteries high. It is best to use a high-voltage high-multiplier battery, plus a battery management system. BMS allows you to monitor power usage at any time. This will keep your drone safe and improve battery life.

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4.Consumer drones are mainly used in aerial photography and belong to low-altitude areas. Ordinary li-po batteries can meet the demand. However, you must weigh your drone size, weight and size. Combine the flight time you need and buy the battery of the appropriate capacity.

How to solve your specific needs of drone batteries?

If you don’t find your most satisfying battery on the market, you need a complete battery solution. Combined with the flying characteristics of the drone, you’ll need to use shape design, customize compact & size, temperature conditions, specification, BMS design. This is a very professional and difficult thing. Professional things should be left to the professional team to do. Grepow designs and manufactures custom-made batteries and cells for the specific needs, from chemistry to structural design to protection systems. For customers designing their own electric powertrains or completing devices for a specific application, Grepow provides one-stop services and fully-integrated battery solution to reply to specific needs.

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