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What battery does an e-cigarette need?

What battery does an e-cigarette need?

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Batteries play an important role on e-cigarette machines, mainly providing power for e-cigarettes, to heat the heating wire and atomizers. There is a wide variety of batteries on the market. Many people feel it a headache to buy e-cigarette batteries. They don't know what battery e-cigarettes use, and most of them listen to the opinions of others, blindly thinking that only expensive is good. This approach wastes not onlya lot of money but also battery performance. Next, we will popularize what batteries an e-cigarette needs to use and the recommendation high-quality vape battery manufacturers.

a structural diagram of a traditional vape

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Since e-cigarettes(vapes) are mainly powered by the in-built batteries which are with the main task to heat the heating wire and aerosolizers. The process involves providing a large current, a time when a high-rate battery needs to be used. So many batteries used by e-cigarette manufacturers are high discharge rechargable lithium polymer batteries (except inferior batteries). Considering the requirements of many e-cigarette manufacturers for high rate batteries, many manufacturers will doubt, where can produce high rate batteries for e-cigarettes?

one of the various vapes.png

Battery disassembly of a 3D rectangular e-cigarette


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Here's to introduce the high-fold rate battery advantages of Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise.

  1. High current discharge performance, excellent explosive force, high discharge platform, high energy density, good cycle life(≥500times), etc.;

  2. Discharge doubling rate meets the highest instantaneous doubling rate of 150C, 45C continuous discharge, and 5C fast charging capacity;

  3. Withlamination process, smaller internal resistance, more conducive to double rate charge and discharge, high-efficiency output performance;

  4. Discharging can be in a better temperature stability, which is controlled within 65℃ to prevent overheating and damage;

  5. The battery is ultra-thin, small, and quite light, which can be made into heterogeneous batteries of various shapes and capacities, with a thickness of 0.45mm.

one of the various vape LiPo batteries

 Various specifications of the Grepow LiPo batteries

 Various specifications of the Grepow LiPo Rectangle-shaped Batteries

The follow is a rectangle sample parameter of the e-cigarette batteries.

Brand: Grepow


Voltage: 4.2V

Magnification: 15C


Thickness: 3mm

Width: 30mm

Length: 27mm

*Note: Battery parameters are subject to change due to technical updates, please use the latest battery parameters as a reference! Please feel free to contact us or message us (info@grepow.com) for the latest data.

Currently, e-cigarette battery manufacturers on the market are "mixed". It needs a certain time to select a proper batteries for the vapes. Therefore, whether you are buying or wholesale e-cigarette batteries, you must have more and choose e-cigarette battery manufacturers with guaranteed quality, safety performance and after-sales. Grepow battery has 500+ battery models to choose from, and they can also be customized according to the actual needs. If you are in the need of vape batteries, welcome to contact us or follow us.

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