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Bluetooth Headset

New Era, New Technology

At the start of the 21st century, Bluetooth was considered to be a relatively new invention. The creation of this modern technology provided consumers with a glimpse into the world of wireless communication. The very first consumer Bluetooth product was a mobile headset that required no hands to operate. The product received phenomenal reviews among consumers, and, shortly after the immense success of the first product, the marketplace soon flooded with other Bluetooth inventions. The invention of Bluetooth soon proved to be a more economical and more efficient method of communication.

Creation of the Bluetooth Headset

Being the first Bluetooth product to hit the marketplace, the Bluetooth headset paved the way for immense technological advancements in its field. The modern invention of a hands-free headset allows consumers to communicate without the use of pesky wires and cables that can easily become tangled. Gone are the days of struggling to untangle wires and accidentally yanking the cable out of the device. Over a short distance, radio waves are capable of replacing cables or wires in connecting Bluetooth-enabled products, allowing customers to connect or ‘pair’ their two devices and use them to enjoy wireless communication.

custom battery manufactures

In the modern era, Bluetooth headsets are increasingly favored over other wired headphones and earbuds. The most crucial proponent of popular technology is the lack of wires and cables. Moreover, its lightweight design and sleek, modern shape increase its likability among consumer demographics. Finally, the marketplace offers a variety of different brands and models of Bluetooth headsets, giving consumers a wide variety of options.

The Battery for Bluetooth Headsets

The majority of successful Bluetooth headsets are designed with versatility and durability in mind. The headsets strive to be lightweight, sleek, and as compact as possible. Although lightweight models of Bluetooth headsets are favored over bulky ones, a compact headset leaves little room for one crucial element: the battery.

The battery is the heart of any Bluetooth product. Without a battery to power the device, the combination of a lack of wires and cables leads to a useless piece of modern technology. This element of a Bluetooth headset leads to one decisive drawback of lightweight designs: a minuscule Bluetooth headset battery capacity.

bluetooth headset battery

The smaller the headset, the less space there is to place a battery. Does that mean you must sacrifice a contemporary and compact design for a bulkier one with increased battery life? Not necessarily.

A typical battery either has a rectangular or circular shape, depending on the specific size of a device. Smaller devices, such as a Bluetooth headset, would require circular batteries to operate. Larger headsets would require the power of larger rectangular batteries. Due to the popularity of small Bluetooth headsets, most models use small circular batteries that have a capacity range from 80 mAh to 150 mAh. Moreover, the compact size and unique design of the headsets cause a size restriction that leads to an inability to house larger batteries; this leads to Bluetooth headsets with short battery life.

Custom sizes and shapes

GREPOW is a company based in Shenzhen, China that is rapidly remedying the issue of standard-sized and shaped batteries. After immense research and development, GREPOW has created batteries of a variety of sizes and shapes that can fit into the unique designs of modern Bluetooth technology. The lightweight and compact designs of Bluetooth headsets are no longer a barrier in regards to the size and shape of the required batteries.

GREPOW is a company that understands that as the world continues to modernize, technology must change right alongside it. That is why GREPOW is the proud manufacturer of different Bluetooth headset battery shapes. With GREPOW’s research and technological advancements, Bluetooth headsets are now able to use the space of their devices more efficiently, utilizing unique battery shapes to give consumers an extended battery life.

Bluetooth headset battery

Modern Issues Require Modern Solutions

GREPOW offers consumers some different options for battery shapes of Bluetooth headsets:

With the diverse selection of battery shapes, gone are the days of Bluetooth headsets with short battery life. Unique headset shapes now have unique battery shapes to accompany them in utilizing space efficiently and giving consumers devices with extended battery life. If your headset has a one-of-a-kind shape, GREPOW is capable of customizing a battery shape that fits your headset. Moreover, customers are also able to customize the smallest details within a battery including capacity and voltage. With the modern technological abilities of GREPOW, wasting space inside of a headset is no longer a viable option.

GREPOW Batteries

The batteries that GREPOW manufactures not only have unique shapes, but they also have high output power and capacity while continuing to be compact, durable, and lightweight.

For example, GREPOW battery model GRP6530027 has a capacity of 430 mAh while still maintaining a compact and round shape. Furthermore, this battery has a 3C discharge rate, 4.35V high voltage, and a very lightweight of 7.7gram.

battery certifications

GREPOW batteries can also be customized with different performances, such as low-temperature use, ranging from -50℃ ~ 50℃, or high-temperature use of 20℃ ~ 80 ℃. They can also be packed in series and/or parallel combinations and be able to integrate power solutions upon customer’s requests.  Many testing requirements, including ROHS, SGS, CE, UL, IEC, CB, UN, etc., are met as well.

If you purchase a GREPOW battery, you are guaranteed a lightweight and compact battery with high energy density and long battery life. Along with that, each customer has the guarantee of quality assurance, high consistency, and after-sales services.

Make the switch to a GREPOW battery to experience modern technology at its finest.

More information can be found here: Novel Battery

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