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Grepow Introducing Semi Solid Battery with Long Endurance for UAV

Grepow Introducing Semi Solid Battery with Long Endurance for UAV

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Battery innovation has been changing and evolving throughout the years to stay aware of present-day innovations, like drones. Semi solid batteries, which have been known for their high energy density, have been created and designed to suit the high innovation devices of today. VTOLs and UAVs, like those utilized in mechanical technology, cargo transport, surveying and mapping drones, agricultural spraying, inspection, all utilize semi solid batteries that have long endurance. Technology and innovation have been developing with time. For example, drone innovation depends on high energy density batteries with longer endurance. General purchaser items utilize common yet top-quality batteries however a UAV, also called the unmanned aerial vehicle, needs a longer endurance battery particularly. UAVs are utilized today in all industries. It is not essential to have a decent quality UAV, however, a top-quality semi solid battery won’t fail. The technology of the battery has felt the need to move with the passing time. While versatile innovations, and portable technologies, for example, our cell phones and tablets have lighter, newer and long-enduring batteries, drones, or a UAV or VTOL, need something that is significantly more high voltage, better quality, and has a long working time. Grepow's semi-solid battery can reach 275~300 Wh/Kg, there is a high voltage semi solid battery (HV Semi Solid) that has a higher energy density. The weight of Grepow's semi-solid battery can be diminished by 15% for a similar limit, and it can expand the flight time of a drone by 30%.

Grepow Tattu semi solid uav battery

What Are Semi Solid Batteries?

A semi solid battery is a sort of flow battery utilizing solid battery active materials or including solid species in the energy conveying liquid. In such a system, both the positive (cathode) and the negative terminal (anode) comprise dynamic and active material particles with carbon dark suspended in a fluid electrolyte. This battery is very suitable for UAV or drone use because the high energy density can make the battery lighter and therefore grow the endurance and improve efficiency. These batteries are light in weight and have long endurance, HV semi solid's energy density is higher than a semi solid battery. Grepow semi solid (HV semi solid battery) utilizes a pouch cell process stacked with sheets and silicon-carbon anode material to altogether break the energy density of existing Li-Po batteries, which is 275 to 300Wh per kg. The retention limit can remain over 80 percent after 1000 cycles and the powerful voltage difference is under 100 mV. This innovation is light and more reliable, but longer reach for professional field drones like planning, mapping, consumer electronics, or E-VTOL. Semi solid batteries can likewise be tailored to impeccably fit the state of the machine you need.

What Are UAV Batteries?

UAV batteries are the acronym for the unmanned aerial vehicle battery, for the most part, it refers to a drone battery. It is a genuine aircraft that is being directed by a controller or locally accessible computers. for unmanned aerial vehicle batteries (UAVs) is a piece of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), which integrates a ground-based remote controller and a course of action of communications with the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Unmanned aerial vehicle batteries (UAVs) and drone batteries come in different sizes, going from smaller than normal UAVs to enormous shapes that are utilized in electric combustion, jet propulsion, and electric engines. When it is about the small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) the most notable strategy of force is Lithium-molecule (Li-molecule) battery arrangements that power the electric motors. Essential requirements for unmanned aerial vehicle batteries have high weight proportion or energy, fuel checking, adaptability to shock, and vibration to demonstrate the leftover time of the mission.

Fixed-win Helicopter agricultural drone agricultural drones

Features of Grepow’s Semi Solid Batteries

Grepow carries expertise in customized, semi solid batteries and spot drone batteries. They could plan and fabricate customized batteries going from science to construction and assurance of the frameworks. As an expert drone battery provider, Grepow certainly gives the ideal battery solutions as per your specific project needs. Whatever ODM or OEM, let Grepow do the job right. Some of the features Grepow’s semi solid batteries facilitate you with to maximize your experience includes:

● Long endurance

● More safety

● High energy density

● Complex-coated separator

● Higher specific capacity: negative electrode 420~650mAh/g, positive electrode 190mAh/g,

● over-discharge resistance (2.5V)

● Si material

● Can be equipped with intelligent protection board: BMS

What Is BMS?

A BMS, battery management system - is an electronic framework that deals with a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack like UAVs) for example, by protecting the battery from working outside its safe working region, checking its state, learning secondary data, uncovering that data, controlling its present situation, approving it as well as changing it. A custom battery pack amassed along with a battery management system with an external communication data transport is a strong battery pack. In the event that you are searching for a dependable BMS framework or semi-solid batteries, you can reach out to Grepow. The BMS by Grepow integrates a wireless communication module control module and acquisition module for recording the historical background of the battery.

Applications of Semi Solid Batteries

The semi solid batteries by Grepow – Tattu can be used in a wide range of industries including:

● Construction Monitoring

● Agricultural Spraying

● Forest Fire Fighting

● Surveying and Mapping

● Industrial Patrol



● Aerial Photography

● Urban manned

● Rescue

● Consumer Electronics

● Robotics

● Cargo Transport

● Portable energy storage power

● Monitoring and surveillance

Why Choose GrepowTattu High Energy Density Batteries?

Grepow is a company widely known for trend-setting innovation. It introduced the new technology of semi-solid batteries. They are specialized in the production along with the research of Li-po batteries, NIMH batteries, and LiFePO4 batteries and the improvement of the battery management system (BMS). Tattu on the other hand is a notable sub-brand that spotlights drone batteries and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) batteries. They have customized battery packs and customized solutions for drone batteries. They are the semi-solid battery manufacturers considering the designs of the batteries according to the particular requirements.


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