Hot! Is the drone battery 10000mah worth buying?

Recently, the assessment of the drone battery 10000mah was like a gust of wind,blowing up across the drone field. This makes you still using other models, capacity of the battery, also can not help but think about it. But, is the drone battery 10000mah really so good? Follow me to find out.

What are the characteristics of drone battery 10000mah?

Before you learn about the drone battery 10000mah, learn some basics about drone batteries at first. When evaluating batteries, you need to know some parameter specifications, especially when purchasing aftermarket batteries.

First, the battery pack. Refers to the series and paralleling of the batteries. Technically, some batteries are a group of batteries. So a single battery isn’t really a battery, but we still call it a battery. But the regular AAA battery for your TV remote control is actually a battery with a single positive or negative terminal.Lithium batteries have variable battery counts. Small drones and smartphones typically use a single battery, which is expressed as “1S”. Exactly, the drone battery 10000mah is 6S, which has six single batteries.

Although parallel lithium batteries do exist, almost all of them are connected in series. The total voltage of each battery is determined by multiplying the nominal voltage of each battery by the number of batteries. A 6S drone battery 10000mah with a 3.7V battery will have a 22.2V rated voltage. Basically this means that batteries with twice the mAh rating will provide double the flight time under other conditions.

Next is the discharge level, measured in units “C”. The discharge rate is basically a number of things that the battery can discharge without damaging the maximum amount of power. When a battery rated at 100Ah discharges with 20A, the discharge multiple is 0.2C. So, 10000mah, 15C drone battery current is 150A. But because the battery has a rated current, it discharges evenly.

Rules for selecting batteries

Keep in mind that this is to continuously maximize the use of the battery. The power requirements of the aircraft during flight will vary depending on your operation. The battery of normal selection provides at least one continuous supply of the current strength required for the full equipment to operate. As a result, the possibility of battery damage is low and the process can operate at the maximum potential of its motor. As a general rule, always use the maximum multiple you can afford. It doesn’t hurt the aircraft, it just improves performance.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Since the polymer lithium battery is currently commonly used in electric flight of the uavour, it is easier to meet the requirements required for drone flight. Polymer lithium batteries are a common means of powering our electric models. Therefore, the quality of the drone battery 10000mah is very high.

Can your drone also use drone battery 10000mah?

Can your drone also use new batteries? It depends on your requirements for drone flights. High voltage drone batteries are mainly used in competitive drone races and plant-protected farm drones. Commonly used mainly for security drones, mapping drones, general aerial drones (high-speed aerial photography generally with high voltage batteries) and other stable current output of drones.

If you’re using a drone battery of 15C or less now, I think you can try the drone battery 10000mah. But if you’re using a drone battery with a multiple of 15C or more now. Then your drone is more demanding and unstable for current. I think it was a poor test flight to test drone battery 10000mah. However, if you still want to venture to try this battery, you can consult the battery solution. Here are more professional battery engineers to solve your confusion.

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