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Why are lithium polymer battery manufacturers getting more attention? Lithium polymer batteries have matured and commercialized in the world for many years. Although the sales volume is growing rapidly, it’s market share is still less than 10%, which is incomparable with the market share of lithium-ion batteries of 90%. This is much lower than people’s expectations. For various reasons, the price of lithium polymers on the market is generally higher than the price of lithium-ion. However, because the competition mode of mobile appliances is quietly changing, especially the design value innovation brought by polymer batteries to mobile appliances (such as the superior performance of 4.5mm thickness, large-size battery). The polymer batteries are being recognized by more and more designers such as mobile phones and wearable devices.

The development trend of lithium polymer batteries can be seen from the development of mobile phones. At present, mobile phones have the following development trends:


(1) The mobile phone itself is developing in the direction of miniaturization and ultra-thinness to facilitate the carrying of consumers;

(2) The personalization of mobile phone design. It is no longer the original square shape. It can be irregular shape, curved and curved surface design shape has become the mainstream of mobile phone design aesthetics;

(3) The use of color screens and smart functions continues to increase.

In order to miniaturize the mobile phone, reduce the size of the battery is the most effective way. Ultra-thin batteries have become the mainstream trend in thin-type mobile phone configurations. The effective space left by the mobile phone with an irregular shape, curve, and curved surface design becomes an irregular shape. While the lithium-ion batteries can not make efficient use of space, the laminated lithium polymer battery can make the most efficient use of this irregular space to enlarge the capacity.

0.4mm thin lithium polymer battery

The round batteries, trapezoidal batteries, and backpack batteries of Grepow lithium polymer battery manufacturer can increase the capacity of equipment by more than 50% compared to the lithium-ion batteries of the corresponding specifications. Wearable devices are becoming more and more functional, resulting in more and more power consumption. The battery capacity is required to increase accordingly. Grepow lithium polymer batteries offer significant advantages without increasing battery thickness.


Novel lithium polymer battery

Similarly, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and other appliances are becoming more portable, all equipped with LCD. And the functions are increasing as well as the size of the LCD screen. These provide unlimited business opportunities for the Lithium polymer battery manufacturers.

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan expects that the global market for lithium polymer battery will grow substantially in the future. Frost & Sullivan’s analysis pointed out that the increase in energy density and light weight of lithium polymer batteries is the key to future demand expansion. In particular, the market expansion of “small accessories” for ordinary consumers who can perform multitasking in recent years has increased the demand for lithium polymer batteries having high energy density and low weight.

In addition, the increased demand for industrial portable devices equipped with energy-efficient batteries will also drive the growth of the lithium polymer battery market. Recognizing the benefits of using lithium polymer batteries in consumer products, it is expected that usage in industrial equipment will increase. The market for lithium polymer batteries for consumer products is expected to mature, and the market for industry and automotive will continue to grow in the next five to seven years.

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