Battery operated heated pants for the Person who is always cold

Winter is coming, which means the cold weather is coming. Every cold person everywhere just grabbed their sweaters and did a happy dance!

There is a line of heat apparels, including these pants, that HEAT UP to keep you warm! It’s like a heated blanket for your hiney!

I found mine, and I am so happy I did!

When I was a student, I often had to spend hours outside of Middle School activities. Do you know how cold that gets in the fall and winter?

heating clothing

Heating pants

These pants are meant to be worn as a BASE LAYER — That means you put jeans, sweats, or whatever you choose to wear on over the top of them.

They have a little button over the right pocket that controls the temperature. You can choose between high, medium, and low, depending on how cold you get. You can also turn the pants completely off if you are warm enough.

The pants are charged with a little USB adapter and battery bank that fits right in the pocket. BONUS — You can charge your cell phone using this battery as well!


Not only does it keep your tushy warm (that is ALWAYS where I freeze), but it heats up your legs as well. Seriously, these will keep you warm!

heat clothing

Heating Apparels Scenarios

You could totally use these at work because you know they keep the room at sub-zero temperatures at times.


If you are a bit more active, you could take these as a base layer for your winter activities. Or, if you just like to WATCH the winter activities, they are great for you, too!


They would make an EXCELLENT gift for that outdoorsman in your life. No more freezing and fishing!

fish due to the polar vortex

But mostly, I’m going to use mine for those FREEZING nights stuckI get to be at a football stadium watching my friends do their thing.

Heating Apparels Battery Solutions

You can get your heated pants battery here – heating apparels battery solutions. Most heating apparels use rectangular batteries. Similar to our other special-shaped batteries, GREPOW curved and other custom batteries can fit a variety of different apparel. Our curved battery has previously been used for heating gloves and the back of the collar for winter coats.

Heating Apparels Battery 

Why Choose Grepow Battery Solutions

Grepow is a leading battery manufacturer in China. In the past 20 years, we have continuously developed battery technology to meet the various needs and grow together with our customers.
No matter what you want, please contact us, we can stick together to explore and develop.

21 years of battery research and manufacturing experience. Total of 4 factories, covering an area of 15.2 hectares. Production capacity: 300,000 Ah / per day. Over 3,000 skilled workers and 200 professional engineers. Serve over 5,000+ customers.

OEM mass production, mature manufacturing process. Physical factory supply, quality assurance, and after-sales service.

High energy density, high output power, high capacity, and lightweight.

High battery consistency, is conducive to series and parallel combination processing; can be combined according to different requirements.

Meet ROHS, SGS, CE, UL and other testing requirements.

Battery assembly method requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, custom size! Such as shaped, voltage, capacity, etc..

It can provide integrated power solutions according to customer requirements.

Curved Lithium Polymer Battery-Heating Apparels Battery

Heating Apparels Battery List

Model No. Voltage (V) C-rate Capacity (mAh) IR (mΩ) Weight (g) Type Application
GRP2524038-T1A 4.35 10C 185 ≤80 4.1±0.5 curved battery Heating Apparels Battery
GRP3024038-E1A 4.35 8C 250 ≤70 5.3±0.5 curved battery Heating Apparels Battery
GRP3020035-11A 4.35 1C 200 ≤75 3.9±0.5 curved battery Heating Apparels Battery
GRP4024025-13A 4.35 1C 225 ≤100 4.1±0.5 curved battery Heating Apparels Battery
* Contact us for a complete list or customize your special battery!

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
Grepow Website:

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