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5 differences between capacity lithium battery and the power one

5 differences between capacity lithium battery and the power one

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There are many types of lithium batteries, capacity lithium batteries and power lithium batteries are two types of lithium batteries that are often used in our daily life, what is the difference between these two types of lithium batteries?

What is a capacity lithium battery?

Capacity type battery emphasizes high capacity, generally applied to long working time, storage requirements of higher equipment, such as mobile power, outdoor flashlights, etc. The main characteristic of a capacity battery is a large capacity, for example, the capacity of 18650 capacity batteries commonly available on the market is generally more than 3000mAh, this type of battery is called a capacity lithium battery.

What is a power lithium battery?

Power type battery stresses high performance and requires large battery charging and discharging current. They are generally used in electronic cigarettes (vapes), electric cars (EVs), drones (UAVs), toy racing cars (RCs), model airplanes and other high-power devices. The main characteristic of a power battery is to support a high rate discharge (close to 10C or above), and can be charged with a high current. The lithium-ion battery is becoming more and more popular in high C-Rate electronic products.

What is the difference between a capacity lithium battery and a power one?

Capacity lithium battery and power lithium battery are classified according to user needs and product characteristics, what are the specific differences? We learn from the following 5 levels in order to be clearer about their battery categories and select the right power supply device for them.
Composition Materials
Power lithium battery pack is mainly positive and negative material particles than the capacity lithium battery is finer, while the energy density is not large; its use of diaphragm materials and electrolyte conductivity is better, better conductivity.
Current Size
Power lithium battery pack in the positive and negative electrode leads to more lug materials than the capacity lithium battery (the purpose is: to reduce the lug resistance and meet the larger current).
Discharge Rate
Power lithium battery pack supports high current discharge, the instantaneous discharge volume is large and may reach 30C times the current; ordinary capacity lithium battery only supports 1C times the discharge rate.
Voltage Level
In the battery industry, as the voltage increases, its corresponding output voltage will also increase, thus enabling the power type lithium battery pack to meet the needs of some high-power equipment; and the direct impact of parallel connection of the battery is: the current of the entire battery pack increases, the voltage remains unchanged. And the capacity is affected by the current at the output, so the capacity of the battery pack connected in this way is often larger, which is also known as the capacity lithium battery pack.
Applied Products
Some large equipment such as rockets, electric cars, electric drills, electronic cigarettes, racing cars, starter power, etc. need explosive batteries because the low voltage of small power battery packs can not achieve the effect of driving equipment, so we have to choose power type lithium battery pack. For example, we usually use the electric bicycle, it is often required voltage value is 48V, relative to some of our life (cell phone is 3.7V, single AA battery is generally 1.2V), 48V is already considered not small. And capacity lithium battery is like mountain climbing and running needs endurance, which is the requirement of high capacity, in order to maintain a long-time small power discharge. Commonly used in small current discharge, but there is a long endurance needs of the product, such as mobile power, outdoor flashlights, logo lights, sports headphones, etc... The battery categories can be different according to different aspects, the more you learn, the better choices you can make. If there are any questions you encounter, welcome to leave us a message, and Grepow hopes to help you.

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