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Tattu Plus 6S Smart LiPo Battery for Drone

Tattu Plus 6S Smart LiPo Battery for Drone

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Tattu Plus 6S drone batteries compatible with DJI S800, S800EVO, S900, Walkera QR X800, CineStar 6, FreeFly CineStar 8, Freefly ALTA, etc.

Tattu Plus, a smart battery specially designed for UAV. Protective casing give these batteries extra safety during the flight. Power lead is also longer than normal Tattu batteries. Indication LED lights of the batteries can let you know how full of the capacity the batteries have when charging. Warning lights to give you indications of the temperature, over/under the charge and cells balance healthy level. These lipo batteries will also go into an intelligent storage mode when you fully charge the batteries and decided to store away. The batteries itself will discharge in the storage mode to keep the voltage at a certain level for storage. The amazing battery management system (BMS) will smartly manage your battery and extend your battery life. This BMS is a trend of Lipo batteries, it's the new generation of UAV batteries. Tattu Plus drone battery with high capacity that will give your UAV the enough power for long time to fly.

Grepow Brand for UAV - Tattu

Tattu Plus 6S Smart Drone Batteries List:

Tattu Plus 6S Smart drone battery

Lithium Polymer Battery / LiPo Battery
10000 / 12000 / 16000 / 22000
6S1P / 22.2V / 6 cells
Discharge Rate

12000mAh & 16000mAh: 15C

10000mAh & 22000mAh: 25C

Max Burst Discharge Rate

12000mAh & 16000mAh: 30C

10000mAh & 22000mAh: 50C

Net Weight(±20g)

10000mAh: 1466g

12000mAh: 1640g

16000mAh: 2040g

22000mAh: 2063g


10000mAh: 186 x 70 x 53 (L x W x H)

12000mAh: 202 x 76 x 61 (L x W x H)

16000mAh: 214 x 96 x 68 (L x W x H)

22000mAh: 288.5 x 112.5 x 165.5 (L x W x H)

Wire Gauge
Discharge Wire Length

Communication Protocol

Battery-Status Indicator

Smart Storage

Over-Discharge & Charge Alert

Low / High Temperature Alert

Voltage-Difference Alert

Low-SOC Alert

About Tattu Brand

Grepow self-owned brands "格氏ACE", "Gens ace" and "TATTU" are renowned home and abroad. For Tattu Brand, it is more focused on Drones / Multirotors / UAV battery pack and designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells. It has highly reputation in the market with its stable performance. We are committed to supply the safe, stable as well as long cycle life battery for UAV.

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