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Grepow High Voltage Batteries for Electric Outboard Motor


What is an outboard motor?

Outboard engine refers to the propulsion engine installed on the outside of the hull (ship), usually suspended on the outside of the stern, also known as the outboard engine. According to different energy sources, outboard motors are divided into fuel oil outboard motors and electric outboard motors.

In view of the diversification of fishing and shipping activities in the maritime industry, more and more marine activities are driving people's demand for efficient ships, motors, engines and other important marine equipment, which help keep pace with the rapidly developing marine industry.

Outboard motors are usually called "towing motors" or "outboard motors". The outboard motor is the area worthy of our attention.

Many common Trolling Motors, including imported domestic ones, are not "outboard motors" in the strict sense. They have lower power, smaller torque, and low propulsion efficiency. They can only be used as auxiliary power to adjust the position and direction of the ship, but cannot be used as propulsion power for fast and continuous navigation.

Types of boats using electric outboard engines

1. Leisure cruise trend stimulates demand

Recreational boating continues to attract a large number of participants, especially in the United States. The leisure yacht industry achieved growth for the seventh consecutive year in 2018. The annual sales of aquatic products and services in the United States continued to grow, an increase of 5% compared to 2017. Much of this is due to the corresponding progress in outboard power. The growing demand for outboard engines in recreational boating activities provides manufacturers with a profitable route.

2. Electric power assisted traction

Electric boats have been foreseen as the future of sea boats. Many ship owners tend to use electric propulsion to power fishing boats, recreational boats, cruisers, pontoons and tender boats. The growing preference for electric outboard propulsion devices is due to easy operation, no oily smoke, engine noise and vibration. Since there are far fewer moving parts, wear or breakdown is minimized, which makes outboard electric motors a viable alternative to small boats.

3. Demand for large ships continues to rise

The increasing use of high-performance and high-speed boats in contemporary boating and fishing activities has become the mainstream. The emergence of multi-engine pontoons from multiple different manufacturers is very obvious. In the past decade, many anglers have begun to use faster, larger, and more flexible outboard power centrally controlled fishing boats, which has further promoted the demand for advanced electric outboard motors that power these revolutionary large ships.

Why use an electric boat?

Environmentally friendly, increasing emphasis on reducing emissions from the shipping industry is another major driving factor. For example, in 2018, the European Commission issued a report on the compliance of marine fuel sulfur standards with the aim of reducing the sulfur content in certain liquid fuels. Outboard electric motors are environmentally friendly and quieter in operation, so they are more suitable for use in certain applications and are becoming more and more popular.

Electric Outboard Motor Battery Manufacurer - GREPOW

Grepow was established in 1998. We provide high voltage batteries solutions to the world's Top 3 electric outboard motor manufacturers.

GREPOW Electric Outboard Motor Battery Case

High voltage batteries: GRP7672196-3.8V-1C-14000mAh

Nominal Voltage: 3.8V

Capacity: 14000mAh

Discharge rate: 1C

Dimensions: 7.3±0.3*71.0±1.0*195.5±1.0mm

Weight energy density: 240.7Wh/Kg

Volume energy density: 525.0Wh/L

The finished product: 12S2P 45.6 V 1276 Wh

GREPOW Electric Outboard Motor Battery

Other Electric Outboard Motor Batteries

  • 29.6V 11Ah/31Ah high performance lithium battery
  • 9.6V 11Ah / 18Ah /31Ah high performance lithium battery
  • 48V 100Ah or so deep cycle battery
  • 45.6V 1276 Wh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 45.6V 1276 Wh lithium-ion polymer battery

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