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Grepow 135mAh 3.7V Round Shaped Lipo Battery 2530027


Grepow 135mAh 3.7V Round Shaped Lipo Battery 2530027 Specifications:

- Configuration: 1S1P / 3.7 V / 1 cell

Grepow 135mAh 3.7V Round Shaped Lipo Battery 2530027

- Discharge Rate: 1C

- Size:27.7*30.1*2.45 mm

- Weight:2.9±0.5 g

- Flexible size design subject to different space of application

- Thousands of models for micro size with 10mAh-1000mAh


Smart wearable, medical equipment and other portable devices

Our Advantage:

1. Your orders will be dispatched via FedEx

2. Fast shipping and excellent local after-sale service guaranteed in the USA or Europe.

3. Service-priority, like the long warranty period and the lower price for buyers.

4. Energy Density: Very High according to capacity/weight. In fact, we are specialists in High Power LiPo Batteries. It is our unique technology, the highest power of our battery is 100C. Another technology is our batteries are able to be stably discharged simultaneously

5. Low IR: Provides stable voltage until the end of your mission.

6. Safety: GREPOW and its partners fulfill the ISO9001, ISO14001, standards.

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