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NBA Players Wear Smart Rings to Track COVID-19

NBA Players Wear Smart Rings to Track COVID-19

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With the NBA's much-anticipated return to planning on July 31, the league has also taken steps to ensure the safety of its players by equipping each player with a ring that can predict the COVID-19 in addition to a medical center and quality facilities for players. NBA officials claim that this "smart ring" can predict the symptoms of the new coronavirus three days in advance. The manufacturer, Oura, claims it has a 90 percent accuracy rate by current judgment standards.

NBA Players

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The smart ring, which costs $299, can track a user's health data and even predict whether a user will experience symptoms of a coronavirus infection, according to company Oura. The ring is designed to monitor sleep, pulse rate, exercise, heart activity and body temperature, but there is no information yet on the actual effectiveness of COVID-19. It is one of several wearable devices being studied to see if they can detect coronavirus.

Can a smart ring predict COVID-19

A team at Scripps Research is looking at the potential of the Oura ring, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin devices and others to see if they can accurately monitor a person's baseline temperature, heart rate, sleep and daily exercise, and use changes in that data to detect early onset of infection.

smart ring

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There is little evidence that pulse and body temperature change before people notice symptoms of infections such as the flu.

A study published earlier this year showed that Fitbit's sleep and heart rate data across 200,000 individuals as a whole appeared to be in sync with seasonal flu epidemics.

It would be interesting to study large populations to see if there is potential for collecting useful data. This is not a substitute for anything else we should be doing, and anything else the NBA should be doing to protect its players, its employees steps. They should still be testing and testing regularly-all those other things. Don't let it give us a false sense of security. Don't stop wearing the mask because your Oura ring says you're okay. You know, don't skip the test because everyone's Oura ring says you're fine.

Device manufacturers must first prove that their devices can accurately measure and report information such as a person's body temperature and heart rate. Smartwatches have been working on this problem for years. It's not necessarily easy to monitor heart rate from somewhere on the top of the wrist. Trying to measure it from the ring is a new and less tested method.

The Oura device is not licensed by the FDA to monitor health data. In 2018, the FDA approved two Apple apps to monitor atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that can lead to strokes And abnormally slow or abnormally fast heart rhythms.

The NBA's health and safety protocols only mention rings and nothing else.

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