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TITC 2024 Concluded Successfully | Redline 2.0 Shines!

TITC 2024 Concluded Successfully | Redline 2.0 Shines!

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On March 3, 2024, the TITC (Thailand International Touring Car Championship) 2024 came to a triumphant close after intense competition, marking a major event in the racing world.

TITC Racers and RC cars

TITC is one of the large-scale international flat road remote control vehicle model competitions held annually. It is an international event comparable in scale and level to the World Vehicle Model Championships, attracting top drivers from around the world, making it highly prestigious. TITC also serves as a platform for major brands to showcase their strength.

Players in TITC 2024

TITC 2024

Gens Ace batteries strongly supported the competition and provide technical support to the drivers on-site.The competition was filled with exciting moments, with drivers displaying excellent skills. Every race on the track was thrilling.During the competition, Gens Ace announced the much-anticipated launch of the Redline 2.0 series. This new series promises to bring a fresh driving experience to racing enthusiasts, combining advanced technology and exceptional performance.

Racing RC Cars in TITC 2024

Gens Ace is committed to promoting the RC hobby, with the introduction of the Redline 2.0 competition battery series in international events, actively pursuing industrial restructuring and upgrading, and striving to build a world-class RC brand.

Gens Ace was in TITC 2024

RedLine 2.0 and the Charger

Thank you to all the teams, drivers, and spectators who participated in this event! We look forward to next year's competition and creating more exciting moments together!

TITC 2024 Concluded Successfully

TITC 2024 Concluded Successfully


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