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[Sponsor] Gens Ace 5000mAh 6S Battery For Human Flying Drone

[Sponsor] Gens Ace 5000mAh 6S Battery For Human Flying Drone

Editorial:VickyWu Issue Date:2020-09-14 Views:2756

The future of drones is not just for taking great aerial photos and gathering data. It’s also giving us the “flying Cars” or “Manned Drone” that humankind has been talking about for so many years. Imagine your daily commute with no more traffic jams, no traffic lights, no construction delays…that is an exciting thing?

For that, more and more DIY enthusiasts are starting to design and build manned drones, AS a manufacturer of the well-known drone battery brand of Tattu, we sponsor DIY enthusiasts in this field. More about the production process, check out this video (Thanks for JLaservideo):

In this video, the DIY human flying drone uses 16 * Gens ace 5000mah 6s batteries.

For More Battery Information:

Gens ace 5000mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack offers you 'cool to the touch' landing temperature, whilst you fly on full power for the whole journey

These batteries are also fast charge capable. They have a longer cycle life, almost double the standard of lipoly technology.


- Stable automatic stacking technology enables single-cell capacities of 5000mAh.

- High discharge rate and high reliability

- Small in size and light in weight

- Local after-sales service


- Minimum Capacity: 5000mAh

- Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6 cells

- Discharge Rate: 60C

- Max Burst discharge Rate: 120C

- Net Weight(±20g): 755g

- Dimensions: 164.5mm x 45mm x 47mm (L x W x H)

- Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR

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