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Grepow's 2024 Annual Ceremony Successfully Executed

Grepow's 2024 Annual Ceremony Successfully Executed

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Strap in for the journey as Grepow marked an incredible 25 years of resilience and success with their 2024 Annual Gala. On January 14th, the event unfolded at the picturesque Sanzheng Half Hot Spring Hotel in Dongguan, where company leaders, dedicated employees, and esteemed guests gathered to witness the triumphs, joys, and growth that define Grepow's remarkable quarter-century journey.

Shenzhen Grepow enjoyed 2024 Annual Gala

The scene was set ablaze as the clock struck 4 in the afternoon and the Grepow 2024 Annual Gala kicked off with a dazzling red carpet affair. Leaders and employees strutted down the carpet, radiating passion, gratitude, and confidence. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the gathering showcased the charm and charisma of the entire Grepow team.

We were walking the red carpet

Emcee Team of this Annual Dinner

The evening began with a New Year's address by Mr. Chen Bohai, Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. His powerful words reflected on the stellar sales performance in 2023, thanks to the collective efforts of the entire Grepow family and the unwavering support from friends across various sectors. Mr. Chen's spirited speech set the tone for the evening, signaling the onset of festivities.

Mr. Chen Bohai, Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd.

The gala unfolded in four captivating chapters, titled 'Charting a Distinct Course and Sketching a Blueprint,' 'Auspicious Clouds and Graceful Wind Displaying Charisma,' 'Paving the Way for Virtue and Sailing Together,' and 'Unity to Reach Far and Win the Future.' Each chapter showcased Grepow's twenty-five years of relentless progress and unwavering spirit. The live performances were nothing short of spectacular, with Grepow's team singing and dancing, exuding energy, and unveiling a fresh sense of style.

Program performance by company members

Band performance

Program performance by company members 3

Program performance by company members 4

Program performance by company members 5

Program performance by company members 6

Program performance by company members 7-1

Program performance by company members 7-2

Program performance by company members 8

Program performance by company members 9

The excitement reached its peak during the thrilling rounds of lucky draws, adding an extra layer of joy and laughter to the evening. As prizes escalated and an impromptu cash draw took center stage, the atmosphere reached a fever pitch. Amidst the suspense, a cascade of surprise prizes and lucky wins unfolded, creating an unforgettable moment for all.

Grepow Lucky Draw

Grepow Lucky Draw

Recognition took center stage as Grepow celebrated the outstanding contributions of teams and individuals throughout 2023. Awards, including the ‘Outstanding Contribution Award and ‘Rising Star Award, were presented, acknowledging the wisdom and dedication that fueled Grepow's path to high-quality development.

Outstanding Contribution Award

Rising Star Award

The festivities continued beyond the gala, as Grepow hosted an outdoor team-building extravaganza themed 'Gathering Strength Together, Unleashing Fun' on the afternoon of January 15th. The activities, ranging from sack races to strategic board games and team tug-of-war, showcased exceptional teamwork. Not only did this event strengthen physical fitness, but it also enhanced the bond between teams, fostering mutual support and unity.

Gathering Strength Together, Unleashing Fun

outdoor team-building extravaganza

Though the annual celebration was brief, its impact was lasting. The joyous event not only showcased the upbeat spirit of the Grepow team but also highlighted the harmonious culture within the company. It echoed Grepow's grand aspirations and ambitious sail into the future. As time swiftly passes, Grepow remains steadfast through thick and thin. Here's to continuing the journey together, building trust, supporting one another, and jointly creating an even more brilliant tomorrow! Grepow extends heartfelt thanks and best wishes to friends from all walks of life, hoping for a smooth year of work, good health, happy families, and success in all endeavors in the new year!


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