Why intelligent flight battery is the first choice for cargo drone?

The improvement of logistics technology has really improved people’s lives. Cargo drones are considered a clean, fast way to meet our needs for fast delivery. When Amazon launched a new design for its Prime Air delivery drone in June, it envisioned a new vision of zero carbon net emissions by half of its shipments by 2030. In addition, after UPS first publicly flew a drone from the top of a delivery truck to drop packages at home, one of its executives called the test an “important step” in reducing UPS emissions.

Green energy becomes the demand for cargo drones

Drone transport is indeed more environmentally friendly than trucking, according to two new studies. A lot of the work on cargo drones is in desperate need of a proper power supply for their continued power. Fuel cells, solar cells, hydrogen-powered batteries and lithium-polymer batteries are currently on the market. In order for drones to reach their green potential, it is important to use clean power supplies.

Because cargo drones carry a large number of goods, working hours are also day and night, the weight of their own aircraft has strict requirements. As a result, fuel cells and solar cells are not suitable for cargo drones. Hydrogen battery technology is not up to standard for use in small and medium-sized drones. Lithium polymer batteries have become the hope for the development of cargo drones.

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Lithium polymer batteries used in cargo drones

The lithium polymer battery is a new structure of lithium battery. The emergence of polymer lithium batteries is a major breakthrough in the history of lithium batteries. The battery used in drones is called a intelligent flight battery because it is smarter, unlike a normal mechanized battery. Since the intelligent flight battery is enclosed in an aluminum composite film, the thickness of the film is only 0.3m. Maximum space that can accommodate internally installed reaction materials.

Aluminum composite film is much lighter than steel shell aluminum shell, and can pull up the aluminum composite film. This effectively slows down the air pressure caused by a poor battery reaction and avoids the possibility of an explosion. The intelligent flight battery is the highest capacity, the lightest weight and the safest battery of the lithium polymer battery.

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Innovative features of intelligent flight battery

Lithium polymer batteries have some disadvantages, such as low storage, short life cycles, series or parallel circuits, safety, difficulty in estimating battery power, etc. In addition, the various characteristics of the battery are very different. The difference between a intelligent flight battery and normal battery is the battery management system, and this is the innovative features of intelligent flight battery.

BMS literally means that the battery plus management plus the system, is it really so simple? Quite rightly, that’s what engineers started designing BMS for. At present, the BMS functions of intelligent flight batteries made by Grepow are voltage measurement, communication, SoC estimation, SoH estimation, anomaly warning, abnormal protection, current balance, control circuit, temperature measurement, current measurement. Grepow’s self-owned brands “格氏ACE”, “GENS ACE” and “TATTU” are renowned home and abroad. Also, Tattu battery energy density can reach 260wh/kg.

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Intelligent flight battery will help cargo drones spread around the world

Most cargo drone batteries now have a battery life of only about 20 minutes, so you need to carry a backup battery for replacement. Even so, the battery requirements are high. Cargo drones require higher product stability, safety, battery life, and the ability to perform tasks in harsher environments, which requires industrial-grade UAV manufacturers to have a core competitive advantage in addition to flight control technology. Also in the overall performance of the product performance and product quality control, with a high degree of research and development and innovation capabilities.

Intelligent flight battery products are the basic guarantee for industrial-grade drones to successfully complete a series of operations such as transport, delivery, monitoring, return. “The cargo drone market will grow into a multi-billion dollar market in the next 5 to 10 years,” the breakthrough in drone battery technology will play a key role, according to the forecast.

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