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Who is the Best LiPo Battery Manufacturer?

Who is the Best LiPo Battery Manufacturer?

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A lithium polymer battery manufacturer must know that lithium polymer battery is also a component of the lithium-ion battery. The composition of lithium-ion secondary batteries is such that: cell and maintenance boards. Remove the maintenance board the recharged battery is the battery. The quality of the battery directly determines the quality of the rechargeable battery.

Manufacturing technique

The difference between polymer cells and conventional lithium-ion batteries lies in the production process of the lithium polymer battery manufacturer. The lithium battery is surrounded and has a softer volume. The polymer is superimposed and has a hard body shape. For the same volume of polymer and lithium batteries, the polymer has a larger capacity, about 30% higher. And it is safer and the risk of blasting is small. The mobile phone board removes the outer casing and then removes the maintenance circuit board in the electric board to leave the lithium battery. The cell is divided into three types: aluminum shell cell, soft cell (also known as "polymer cell"), and cylindrical cell. Usually, the mobile phone battery is made of aluminum shell. Digital products such as Bluetooth are mostly soft-packed batteries. The battery of the notebook computer uses a series-parallel combination of cylindrical batteries.

Comparison of lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries

The lithium cell is unstable and easy to blast in the short circuit and external harsh environment. And its outer metal shell has a great lethality when the lithium cell is short-circuited. The advantage of polymer batteries is that they have strong endurance and large capacity. The same volume of polymer batteries is 20% larger than the capacity of lithium batteries. In the steady current output state, the endurance is strong. And its appearance is a flexible material as the outer casing.  lithium polymer battery manufacturer If a short circuit causes the battery to swell, it will not blast, it will only crack, so it is safer. The peak current is not as large as that of the lithium battery, and it is more than enough in some cases where a large current is required.

The best lithium polymer battery manufacturer

Founded in 1998, Grepow Lithium Polymer Battery Manufacturer is a high-tech energy enterprise specializing in the design, development, production, sales, and service of lithium-ion polymer batteries. Grepow has more than 20 years of history and has always offered the highest level of service and quality. The company is based on the ISO9001 quality management system and focuses on the needs of its customers. ISO9001 The company's existing production base covers an area of ​​nearly 150,000 square meters, more than 3000 Skilled Workers. With our own laboratories, testing facilities, and more than 200 professional engineers conducting daily research and development, we're always a step ahead of our competition. We are an international brand, offering local services and support in Asia, North America, and Europe. The company has strong research and development strength and can customize various types of polymer batteries and batteries for customers. At the same time provide a good sales service to maximize customer satisfaction. And can provide a complete set of solutions for design, production, and shipment for companies interested in entering the lithium battery industry.

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