What Role Did Drones Play in the Neocoronavirus?

Neocoronavirus in China

As of February 11, 2020, the Neocoronavirus outbreak has accumulated about 40,000 cases, while the Neocoronavirus is also under control and isolation. The outbreak of the new virus has been effectively controlled with the joint efforts of the Chinese government and medical workers. What kind of work did drones do in this virus epidemic? Let’s take stock together.

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DJI Agriculture Launches Multi-Million Fund to Support “War Pioneers”

In response to the call of the state and the active implementation of corporate social responsibility, DJI agriculture is now officially issued the “Xinjiang army war epidemic” action, set up 10 million funds to support the war epidemic pioneer, and will issue guidelines for elimination and killing, to help the safety of epidemic prevention. DJI agricultural pilots around the country and UAV battery manufacturers volunteered to use plant protection drones to support the fight against the epidemic. DJI agricultural and plant protection teams in Henan, Chengdu, Shandong, Hunan and other places took action to spray disinfectant on villages and main streets to help the local people kill and prevent the epidemic.

What role did drones play in the virus

Grepow provides drone batteries to address the urgent need for batteries in an outbreak

During the global outbreak, as a manufacturer of drone batteries, Grepow is fully prepared to provide China and the world with sufficient lithium polymer drone batteries. Tattu UAV battery has an energy density of up to 260wh/kg, which continuously supports UAV flight during epidemic prevention. According to the various unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) required by the epidemic, relevant customized battery solutions are provided, which quickly solve the backup demand of UAV, improve the timeliness of drone delivery materials, and provide a solid guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

Tattu Batteries

Drone transport of outbreak materials

Xun Ant set up the “air passage” of hospital supplies

On February 6, the “anti-epidemic emergency supplies and specimens UAV” of Xinchang county people’s hospital successfully completed the whole process of flight transportation. Hangzhou Xunyi network technology co., ltd. proposed the UAV RA3 and TR7S as well as the unmanned station RH1 as the flight transport scheme to solve the transportation of inspection and quarantine materials between Xinchang county people’s hospital, Xinchang county center for disease control and prevention, daxing branch hospital, and Xinchang county people’s hospital. In the actual transportation process, the flight time of UAV was increased by more than half compared with ordinary road traffic, which greatly improved the transportation time and provided a solid guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

Xunyi help the Neocoronavirus

ZHZ bought 20,000 pieces of protective clothing from the United States to help Wuhan

At 17:00 on January 26, the ZHZ Wuhan material donation working group was established. We plan to purchase 10,000 pieces of professional protective clothing from the United States in the first batch to solve the shortage of protective clothing in disaster areas. At 8:05 am on January 31, the first 10,000 pieces of medical protective suits purchased by avic in the United States were transported by China Eastern airlines from Los Angeles airport to Shanghai Pudong international airport. On the same day, the second batch of 10,000 protective suits purchased from Dallas, Texas, USA were on their way to Los Angeles airport and arrived at 1:00 am on February 1.

ZHZ bought 20,000 pieces of protective clothing from the United States to help Wuhan

Drones act as temporary broadcast command operations

Times Starlight uses drones to actively publicize epidemic prevention work

During the epidemic, Times Starlight carried out epidemic prevention and publicity work in a number of urban crowd gathering places in Chengdu through a multi-rotor UAV with a loudspeaker. Lots of intelligent flight batteries are put in the car to follow the drone.

Drones spray disinfection water efficiently

Jifei provided 5 million special funds for epidemic prevention

Jifei science and technology will invest RMB 5 million yuan to set up a special fund for epidemic prevention and killing, so as to protect Jifei users from epidemic prevention and killing. Jifei science and technology announced 5 million support for the nationwide drone epidemic prevention and killing, the second day released the drone epidemic prevention and killing operation specifications. According to the contact transmission route of the virus, the sterilizing operation of UAV needs to prepare disinfectant with a higher concentration than conventional disinfection, so that the liquid can be continuously diluted with the water in the air and on the ground during the process from the nozzle of UAV to the ground, so as to ensure the sterilizing and epidemic prevention effect.

drones help pneumonia virus in China

Haiying UAV assisted the coronavirus prevention work in yantai high-tech zone

Haiying UAV assisted the service center for science and technology entrepreneurship of Yantai high-tech zone in epidemic prevention of coronavirus and carried out epidemic prevention spraying and disinfection of UAV in key areas of the zone. The outbreak, the airport drones company independent research and development of health and epidemic prevention is special, the drones can carry 10 kg detergent, can be sprayed with 500 square meters per minute, single spraying area covering 5000 square meters area, spraying area-wide, high efficiency effectively solves the problems such as lack of epidemic prevention work of equipment, personnel is not enough.

Coronavirus China drone

Hanhe drone is engaged in the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia

Hanhe aviation technology co., ltd. issued a letter of request on February 1, and actively engaged in the epidemic battle. Hanhe plans to invest 6 million yuan in setting up a joint fund for epidemic prevention to provide guarantee and support for the voluntary anti-epidemic operations of Hanhe users throughout the country. Hanhe can provide 50 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) with a load of 16kg, 20kg, and 25kg, which can be used to spray disinfectant on streets, communities, and villages.

China Pneumonia virus

The sky Eagle Brothers carry out UAV epidemic prevention and kill the virus

During the epidemic, the brothers went to Sichuan, Anhui, Henan, and other areas, carrying a large number of UAV batteries and UAV equipment, and actively carried out epidemic prevention work. Drones continue to spray disinfectant water in affected areas for a week.

Hunker oil and electric hybrid UAV actively carried out epidemic publicity and prevention work

During the epidemic period, Huaker provided oil-electric hybrid UAV in Panyu and other communities in Guangzhou to actively publicize to the community residents in order to fight against the “epidemic”. The aircraft has the capability of staying in the air for 3 hours, which plays a good role in continuous publicity. The hybrid oil-electric drone also has a plant protection version that can be used to spray chemicals between towns and cities.

DJI provides drones and fliers to help coronavirus in China

Drones create the night-time construction environment

Keqiao lighting UAV arrived in Wuhan to help with the construction of Vulcan mountain hospital

On January 25, six Light Drones carried by geek bridge, a drone company, were successfully delivered to the staff of Wuhan construction engineering headquarters after a journey of 16 hours. On the night of the same day, under the condition of drizzle, they provided sufficient lighting for passing vehicles around the checkpoint to speed up the inspection.

Drones create a night-time construction environment

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