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What Is Ultra-Narrow Smart Ring And The Power Supply?

What Is Ultra-Narrow Smart Ring And The Power Supply?

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  With the miniaturization of electronic components, smart rings have gained great popularity. These technologically advanced rings combine fashion and functionality to provide users with a variety of features at their fingertips. Smart rings can be used for a variety of purposes, including fitness tracking, mobile notifications, contactless payments, and even controlling smart home devices. Despite their small size, these devices are often equipped with sensors and wireless connectivity, allowing users to stay connected and seamlessly monitor their health and lifestyle, but as technology advances and market demand trends change, ultra-narrow smart rings have recently been proposed, so what is an ultra-narrow smart ring, What kind of battery does an ultra-narrow smart ring use?

What is the ultra-narrow smart ring?

  Ultra-narrow smart ring is a kind of ring integrated with smart technology, which usually uses miniaturized computer chips and sensors to achieve various functions. Such rings can be connected to other devices or networks to provide a variety of intelligent functions and services.

smart rings (source: Internet)

  The functions of ultra-narrow smart rings can vary by manufacturer and design, but in general, they may include the following features:

  1, Health and exercise monitoring

The ring can monitor the user's heart rate, step count, sleep quality and other health indicators, and provide real-time feedback and advice to help users manage their health and fitness.

  2, Notifications and reminders

The ring can be connected to the user's smartphone or other devices, through vibration or display to provide notifications such as incoming calls, text messages, schedule reminders.

  3, Gesture control
Some ultra-narrow smart rings can be used to control other devices through gesture recognition technology, such as controlling the switch of smart home devices, adjusting the volume, etc.

  4, Navigation and location tracking

The ring may have GPS function, which can provide navigation guidance and location tracking services to help users locate themselves or find their destination in an unknown environment.

  5, Payment function

Some ultra-narrow smart rings can be integrated with payment systems, allowing users to make payments through the ring.

  6, Personalization
Ultra-narrow smart rings usually have a customizable appearance and display interface to meet the user's individual needs and preferences.

  It should be noted that the functions and performance of ultra-narrow smart rings are limited by technology and may be relatively limited, but as technology continues to advance, more powerful smart rings with more functions may be introduced in the future.

What kind of batteries are used in ultra-narrow smart rings?

  Ultra-narrow smart rings typically use a built-in arc Lithium Polymer battery as a power source. The built-in curved Li-polymer battery is a specially shaped battery type with high energy density, long life and stable charging performance, making it ideal for use in small portable devices such as smart rings.

What kind of batteries are used in ultra-narrow smart rings

  This battery has a smaller size and thin design that can be easily integrated into the internal space of an ultra-narrow smart ring, allowing the ring to maintain a thinner and lighter appearance. The curved LiPo battery also has a low self-discharge rate, with long standby time even when the ring is not used frequently.

  The built-in curved Li-Po battery can be charged through the charging port. Normally, the ultranarrow smart ring is equipped with a specific charger or charging stand, and the user can plug the ring into the charger or place it in the charging stand for charging.

  It should be noted that different brands and models of ultra-narrow smart rings may use ultra-narrow arc LiPo batteries with different specifications and capacities, so the charging guidelines and recommendations provided by the manufacturer should be followed when charging to ensure the safety and performance of the battery.

Who are the best ultra-narrow smart ring battery manufacturers?

  Ultra-narrow smart ring due to the small and flexible product size, while adding smart accessories and batteries becomes particularly difficult, the shape of the micro-miniature arc battery is just needed. There are not many manufacturers who can make smart rings and micro batteries in China, and Grepow is in the leading position in the industry. Grepow's production technology meets the requirements of high voltage, high discharge rate and fast charging. Besides producing standard 4.2V polymer batteries, it can also mass produce high-voltage 4.35V and 4.4V shaped batteries. The ultra-narrow smart ring battery is also an arc-shaped battery, and Grepow currently has several ultra-narrow smart ring battery models.

ultra-narrow smart ring battery manufacturer (source: Grepow)

Ultra-narrow smart ring battery model parameters

  Width: 4mm ultra-narrow ring battery

  Voltage: 4.4V/4.35V high-voltage version

  Capacity: 6mAh

  Shape: circular arc, radius arc

  Inner arc length: π/6~2π/3

  Thickness: 0.5mm or more, customization available

Ultra-narrow smart ring battery features

  1. Thickness customization: 0.5mm~4mm

  2. Width: 4~10mm

  3. Inner arc length: π/6~2π/3

  4. Capacity: 6.2~24mAh

  5. Pole lug center distance: 3.5~5.5mm

  6. Operating temperature: -50 ℃~50 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃

  Grepow 4mm ultra-narrow ring battery energy density up to ≈ 470Wh / L, can make ultra-narrow smart ring in terms of working time with a long endurance time, can achieve standby time up to 10 days, daily use under the effect of 3 days of life.

  The above is the introduction of "what is ultra-narrow smart ring, ultra-narrow smart ring with what battery", the width of 4mm ultra-narrow ring battery is the smallest of a number of ring batteries manufactured by Grepow Battery, which can make the ultra-narrow smart ring product width smaller, so that users wear more comfortable. We can compare and research more when choosing ultra-narrow smart ring battery suppliers to find the one that can meet our needs.

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