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What Is a DIN Rail UPS?

What Is a DIN Rail UPS?

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In industrial settings, where efficiency, standardization, and ease of installation are paramount, the DIN Rail UPS emerges as a crucial component. This Uninterruptible Power Supply, designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, plays a vital role in ensuring continuous power to critical equipment during unforeseen outages. Let's delve into the world of DIN Rail UPS, exploring its significance, the principles governing its operation, and the supporting technologies that enhance its functionality.

What Does DIN Stand for in Rail?

In electrical terms, DIN often stands for "Deutsches Institut für Normung" in German, which translates to the German Institute for Standardization in English. DIN rail refers to the standardized metal rail used in electrical installations, following the specifications set by the DIN standards. These standards cover various aspects of technology and engineering, including the specifications for components used in electrical installations.

What Is the Purpose of a DIN Rail?

The primary purpose of a DIN rail is to provide a standardized and modular method for mounting electrical components, such as circuit breakers, terminal blocks, power supplies, and other control devices. DIN rails simplify the installation, maintenance, and reconfiguration of electrical systems by allowing components to be easily snapped onto or removed from the rail.

What Are the Applications of DIN Rail Power Supply?

DIN rail power supplies are commonly used in industrial and automation applications where a stable and reliable power source is required. Some common applications include control panels, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), machinery, process control systems, and other electrical systems in industrial settings. DIN rail power supplies provide a convenient and space-saving solution for distributing power in these environments, as they can be easily integrated into the DIN rail system along with other components.

What Is a DIN Rail UPS?

A DIN rail UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a type of UPS designed to be mounted on a standard DIN rail, which is a type of metal rail commonly used in industrial environments for mounting various electrical components. DIN rail UPS units are compact and can be easily integrated into industrial control panels and automation systems.


The Operating Principle of a DIN Rail UPS

The operating principle of a DIN rail UPS is similar to that of other UPS systems. The primary function of a UPS is to provide temporary power to connected devices in the event of a power outage or disturbance. Here's a general overview of the operating principle:

    ◆Normal Operation: The DIN rail UPS is connected to the mains power, and it continuously charges its internal battery while supplying power to the connected devices.

    ◆Power Interruption: When there is a power outage or disturbance, the UPS detects the loss of input power.

    ◆Switchover to Battery: Upon detecting a power interruption, the UPS switches to its internal battery power almost instantaneously to ensure a seamless transition.

    ◆Power Output: The UPS continues to provide power from its battery to the connected devices until the mains power is restored or until the battery is depleted.

    ◆Battery Charging: Once the mains power is restored, the UPS switches back to normal operation, resumes charging its internal battery, and continues supplying power to the connected devices.

Which Battery Is Used in a DIN Rail UPS?

The battery used in DIN rail UPS systems is typically a sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery or, in some cases, a lithium-ion battery. The choice of battery type depends on factors such as the specific UPS design, application requirements, and cost considerations. Sealed lead-acid batteries are commonly used due to their reliability, low cost, and maintenance-free operation. They are suitable for providing backup power for relatively short durations, which is often sufficient for the intended purpose of DIN rail UPS systems in industrial settings.

What Is a Extended Battery Module in a DIN Rail UPS ?

An Extended Battery Module (EBM) is an additional external battery pack that can be connected to a UPS to extend its runtime during power outages. This is relevant to DIN rail UPS systems as well. The purpose of an EBM is to provide extra battery capacity to support connected devices for a more extended period when the mains power is unavailable. Here's how an Extended Battery Module typically works with a DIN rail UPS:

    ◆Connection: The Extended Battery Module is connected to the DIN rail UPS unit, usually through dedicated connectors or expansion ports provided by the UPS manufacturer.

    ◆Charging: The UPS continuously charges both its internal battery and the batteries in the Extended Battery Module during normal operation when the mains power is available.

    ◆Extended Runtime: In the event of a power outage, the UPS draws power from both its internal battery and the connected Extended Battery Module. This extended battery capacity allows the UPS to provide power to connected devices for a more extended period than if relying solely on its internal battery.

    ◆Additional Flexibility: The use of an Extended Battery Module provides flexibility in tailoring the backup power solution to specific needs. Users can add additional EBMs to further extend the runtime if required.


In conclusion, the DIN Rail UPS, integrated into the DIN rail system, ensures uninterrupted power for critical industrial equipment. Its commitment to efficiency, reliability, and adaptability is evident in its standardized design and seamless operation. The use of Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) adds scalability, offering a tailored backup power solution. The DIN Rail UPS stands as a crucial element in industrial power management, providing resilience against power disruptions. As a global leader in lithium battery cell manufacturing, Grepow offers professional customization solutions for UPS battery packs and Battery Management Systems (BMS), catering to your specific application requirements. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us at info@gerpow.com.


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