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What Factors Affect Smart Watch Battery Life?

What Factors Affect Smart Watch Battery Life?

Editorial: Issue Date:2019-07-17 Views:735
The level of hardware is growing rapidly, and in comparison, battery technology is a bit of a drag. The battery life of a smart watch is an issue we quite concern about. Many businesses are already working on the battery life of smart watches. The current smart watch battery capacity on the market ranges from 300mAh to 500mAh. The capacity of the battery used in the watch is related to the size and structure of the watch itself. In addition, the battery capacity of the watch is also affected by the watch system and functions. This is why the smart watch standby time can be last for a long time, and when it is really used, it feels that electricity is not available soon! Let's take a look at the power consumption of each function of the smart watch! The following is calculated according to the battery of 500mAh:

Counting sports step

The main function of the smart watch, when the other functions are not open, the counting step function is turned on all day, from morning to night, in the case of normal exercise (according to 13000 steps), It consumes about 30% of electricity, so although the counting step is the main function, it is not the most power-hungry.

Connect mobile phone Bluetooth

Many watches can match the mobile phone Bluetooth to use the APP for message sending, Bluetooth call function, if you send little messages, you can see that the basic power consumption is very little. But if you are a chat enthusiast, sending and receiving messages all day, especially connecting Bluetooth for the call, the power consumption is gradually increasing. smart watch battery

 Heart rate monitoring

You can ignore the power consumption if measure the heart rate occasionally. Some watches have an all-day real-time monitoring heart rate function, then you must be careful, the power can be consumed in a few hours. After all, the heart rate monitoring is based on the light, constantly issuing light and feedback cause the watch to consume a lot of power.

GPS positioning

The absolute battery killer, we can also find that on large-capacity mobile phones, not to mention a small watch. If turn on the GPS of the watch, you have to charge basically an hour. Therefore, the GPS intelligence of the watch is used as an auxiliary function and cannot always be kept open.

Altitude compass, etc.

These will consume much power if keep opened all the time. Because they continuously measuring and collecting data, same as heart rate real-time monitoring and GPS, this is beyond doubt.

Other auxiliary functions

The power consumed is very little and could be ignored.

How to solve the battery life problem

It can be seen from the above that the culprit of the power consumption of smart watches is the advanced functions of some mobile phones, but the functions of outdoor sports itself, such as counting steps, do not consume much power. So if you purely for outdoor sports,  the smart watch function should be as simple as possible. If you want to feel the highlights of the smart wear era, you can choose the Android watch, which is based on the sacrifice of power consumption. At present, Grepow can provide a good solution for major watch manufacturers by customizing watch battery, and can produce various watch batteries according to the structure of the device. Various shapes, large capacity, the breakthrough in the battery, is a great promotion to enhance the life of smart watches! If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time! Email: info@grepow.com Grepow Website: https://www.grepow.com/

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