What Affects the Lifespan of LED Power Supplies?


An LED power supply is a device that provides electrical energy for lighting and the components in a computer. It supplies are widely used in the following: street lights, tunnel lights, LED grille lights, LED indoor lights, LED ceiling lights, buildings, bridges, square construction facilities, lawn lights, curtain wall lights, display panels, dynamic billboards, simulations, stadiums, car indicators and internal reading lights, car brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, sidelights, explosion-proof lamps, mining lights, etc.

To avoid power failure, it is important to consider many aspects of an LED power strip from how the LED chips and power are installed to the space that the power strip will be installed in (is it a small space) and the heat dissipation.

Factors that affect the life of an LED power

Grepow believes that environment characteristics, components, and electrical characteristics are factors that affect the life of an LED power supply. These include the following:

The actual application of environmental

The actual application of environmental impact: high humidity, high temperature, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, and vibrations.

Lighting and temperature environment

The impact of the lighting and temperature environment: lighting internal temperature <65 ℃, lighting shell<75 ℃, and power supply temperature < 60 ℃.

 The power supply grid

The impact of the power supply grid: unstable grid voltage input impacts the LED power components, thus affecting the life of the LED drive pulse.

Schematic diagram of LED drive power supply
Schematic diagram of the LED drive power supply

Insulation and installation

Insulation and installation of the impact: the correct installation of the product and good insulation will enhance the application of an LED power supply.

 Electrolytic capacitors

The influence of electrolytic capacitors: electrolytic capacitors will leak out of the sealing part of the electrolyte vaporization. It is generally believed that with every 10 ℃ temperature rise, the leakage rate will double.

Furthermore, the normal working life of an LED power supply depends on the life of the electrolytic capacitor, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor depends on the life of the capacitor itself and the working temperature.

The life of the capacitor at 65 ℃ can only guarantee about 80,000 hours and, at 75 ℃,  about 40,000 hours. The life of the capacitor at 85 ℃ can only guarantee about 20,000 hours and, at 95 ℃, can only guarantee about 10,000 hours. From the above example, it is clear that the life of the capacitor will be halved every time the temperature of the electrolytic capacitor rises by 10℃.

The impact of switching times

Most power supplies are equipped with capacitor input rectifier circuits. When the power supply is connected, inrush current will be generated, resulting in fatigue of the switch contacts. This in turn causes problems such as increased contact resistance and adsorption.

The peak value of the power when the LED power supply is turned on is tens to hundreds of times the rated value, which results in thermal fatigue of the resistor and a circuit break. Thermal fatigue resistors in the same situation will also produce thermal fatigue.

LED drive power supply has many advantages such as environmental protection, long life, high photoelectric efficiency (current light efficiency has reached 100LM/W), anti-vibration, etc. In recent years, applications in various industries have developed rapidly, and designers should deepen their understanding of LED drive power supply to improve the life of LED lamps and lanterns.

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