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Founded in 1998, Grepow lithium polymer battery manufacturer provides customization and development of lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. It satisfies customers in 3C digital lithium batteries, ultra-thin lithium batteries (smart cards, smart rings, smart wear). , gastrointestinal robots, etc., industrial instrument lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate energy storage lithium batteries, power lithium batteries and backup power lithium batteries, AVG lithium batteries and other aspects of diverse, personalized needs, in Shenzhen, Hunan have their own special Lithium battery and nickel-hydrogen battery production base.

Grepow lithium polymer battery

Grepow’s new generation of polymer lithium-ion batteries can be thinned in shape (lithium polymer batteries up to 0.4 mm thinner, relative to the thickness of a card), arbitrarily area and arbitrarily shaped, greatly improved The flexibility battery design. Therefore, it can be made into a battery of any shape and capacity in accordance with product requirements. Provides application designers with a high degree of design flexibility and adaptability in power solutions to maximize the performance of their products.

Grepow lithium polymer battery

At the same time, the unit energy of polymer lithium-ion battery is 50% higher than that of the general lithium-ion battery, and it’s capacity, charge-discharge characteristics, safety, operating temperature range, cycle life (more than 500 times) and environmental performance and other aspects are greatly improved compared with the lithium-ion battery.

The company was founded by a senior practitioner with 20 years of experience in the lithium battery industry, providing customers with a full range of services from design, manufacturing, research, and development to after-sales service.

Since its inception, the company has always been to serve global users as their own responsibility, after 20 years of development, the company around the development of science and technology, has always been to create industry-leading lithium battery industry as their mission, the greatest degree of integration of resources, creating and delivering value.

lithium polymer battery manufacturing

Grepow lithium polymer battery manufacturer has a strong service team and established a value service chain from customer demand to customer maintenance. The research and development team of the business division has more than 90 researchers, including more than 70 professional engineers including electrochemical, process, structure, quality and electronics, with industry-leading strength in design, manufacturing and product testing.

In terms of hardware construction, the company’s test center has its own safety laboratory and reliability laboratory, which can comprehensively complete the performance monitoring and evaluation of the system. At present, the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and UL, CE, CB, KS, PSE, BIS, EC, CQC(GB31241), UN38.3 battery instructions and other product certification. Based on advanced battery application technology.


Grepow lithium polymer battery manufacturer jointly develops their own core technology, providing customers with a good foundation for customized battery services. Grepow existing lithium electricity customized solutions and products are widely used in 3 c consumer electronics, medical, smart apparel, public safety, power communications, car power, security communications, transportation, logistics, exploration and surveying and mapping, photovoltaic energy storage, police surveillance, military industry, and other fields, and with the world top 500 enterprises to achieve a comprehensive long-term strategic cooperative relations, provides the international well-known enterprise lithium battery application solutions.

Grepow lithium polymer battery manufacturer looks forward to the future with an open mind and continues to deepen strategic cooperation worldwide. In the face of the ever-changing personalized and diversified needs of global users, we rely on scientific and technological progress, pioneering and innovative, grasp the pulse of The Times, and inherit the business philosophy of continuous progress.

We will always stand at the forefront of the global lithium battery industry, and actively serve the society and the public! Grepow sincerely hopes to go forward hand in hand with you and make contributions to the faster and better development of lithium battery applications in China.

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