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The rising cost of public and private healthcare services means that the entire healthcare industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve and maintain the highest quality of service while keeping costs as low as possible. Technological innovations mean improved usability and longevity without compromising the accuracy and safety of the device and the maximum use of custom medical batteries in the design and manufacturing process.

The importance of customized medical batteries

Custom medical batteries are vital in the healthcare industry.

In the healthcare industry, critical equipment must have autonomy and fail-safe features, which has led to the widespread use of battery backup systems designed and built into each unit. Custom medical batteries can also help ensure that the right power performance requirements are met but the ideal solution is provided in the most efficient way possible.  This ensures that your time-to-market, prototyping, and testing costs are kept to a minimum, thus providing you with the help possible.

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Battery solutions for medical devices and systems must be reliable and up to standard from the start. Design, attention to detail, thorough and precise testing, and high-quality manufacturing processes are critical to the delivery of these custom medical batteries.

Reliable medical battery manufacturer

Grepow has been researching, developing, and manufacturing batteries for more than 20 years, and we are an industry-leading manufacturer of LiPo medical batteries. From our inception, we have cooperated with many of the Top 500 Companies in the world.

Grepow custom batteries can be made in micro dimensions: 0.4 mm to 8 mm in thickness, 6 mm to 50 mm in width. Different forms, capacity, and C-Rate are available on request. We have more than 200 engineers and 3000 skilled workers and are able to respond quickly to any need the industry may have for us.

The working current for most medical wearable devices is within 0.5C.  Grepow’s medical wearable battery life can go as high as 1000 cycles; after 1000 cycles, the capacity is maintained over 80%.

Grepow’s custom medical batteries long cycle life performance curve

Grepow’s custom medical batteries long cycle life performance curve

Grepow’s custom medical batteries are designed and manufactured in line with all the batteries and custom battery packs we manufacture: we follow the highest quality in assurance and development standards in the battery industry. Our goal is to ensure that our customers expect the highest quality when developing life-critical medical applications.

Our experienced team of custom medical battery engineers advise clients on the right type of battery for their applications (whether they are for defibrillators, patient monitors, medical devices, diagnostic tools, ultrasound devices, mobile products, or other specialized medical devices).

Please send an email to if you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your project or product.

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