Novel Battery Can be Customized in All Shapes

novel shaped battery

To say innovation, I am afraid that no industry can be compared with the electronics industry. The development of electronic products is beyond imagination, and since its inception, it has been the eye of consumers.


When it comes to electronic products, for example, wearable electronic products are popular in the market, such as heat coat, insoles, bracelet and so on. All this is not to forget the lithium batteries: most wearable electronics are powered by lithium batteries. The lithium battery that we use on electronic products before, the general quality of a material is hard, the shape is unified, It makes people uncomfortable when they use it. So how do we solve this problem?

Novel batteries were mentioned

For this shortboard of lithium batteries, the novel shaped battery independently developed by Grepow is a perfect complement. Shaped batteries are an important part of the new energy wave.

novel Shaped batteries

A shaped battery is composed of a packing film, a positive electrode piece, a negative electrode piece, an insulating membrane, a polar ear, and an electrolyte. The positive and negative ears of the battery group may be arranged on the same or different sides of the battery group.

Every shape is possible

At this stage, in order to highlight their own characteristics, various smart device manufacturers will design their own products into different shapes. At this time, there will be corresponding requirements for the shape of the battery. Shaped batteries can solve the corresponding problems through different shapes. At present, the existing Grepow novel shaped lithium battery includes the following types:

Rectangle BatteryUltra Thin BatteryBendable batteriesRound Lipo BatteryTriangle BatteryHexagon BatteryUltra Narrow BatteryC Shape BatteryD Shape BatteryPolygonal Battery

Ultra-high safety performance

The deformation test conducted by the Grepow team proved that the shaped lithium battery has high mechanical stability, durability, and safety. The battery has been tested repeatedly, twisted at different angles, and its voltage performance is not compromised. It also proves that the battery can provide stable power for electronic components without the risk of fire or burst.


Grepow has passed the IS09001 quality system certification, and the products meet the requirements of ROHS, CE, UL, Reach, UN38. 3, MSDS and other certifications.

Make the most of your equipment space

One of the biggest features of the shaped battery is that it can meet the space problem of the smart electronic product as much as possible. Due to the miniaturization and light weight of these products, space will be compressed as much as possible, of course, the smaller the better. Shaped batteries can solve this problem very well.

A typical bendable battery can only be bent to a radius of about 25 mm. Griffon’s shaped lithium battery can be bent to R20 mm, with high energy density and excellent softness.

novel shaped battery

Compared with traditional lithium batteries, Grepow’s shaped battery adopts unique technology, professional lamination process, flexible shape, adjustable, small arc, ultra-thin, large capacity, thickness up to 0.4 mm, ultra-narrow to 6 mm.

Novel shaped battery with long battery life

Generally speaking, the larger the battery, the larger the capacity and the longer the battery life. However, the shaped battery is a small existence, and the battery life problem becomes the biggest problem. Grepow solves the problem of the battery life of the shaped battery with its own core technology.

Depending on the size of the battery, it can be controlled between 22mAh ~ 3450mAh and can be evaluated and customized according to customer needs. High battery discharge platform, high capacity density, high energy density, low heat generation, better cycle performance, higher performance quality, and safer use reliability.

We have the ability to tailor the right battery application for our customers. To maximize the use of product space, perfectly match small (ultra-small) portable electronics to maximize battery capacity. Supports high voltages from 4.2V to 4.4V. When using 0.5C, cycle life is more than 1000 times. You can also design PCM to meet customer needs.

Low Temperature Shaped Battery

Wide range of operating temperatures

It can be used normally in a high-temperature battery environment of 20~80 °C, or it can be specially designed for low-temperature battery -40 °C~50 °C. Of course, it can also be evaluated and customized according to customer needs.

In addition to providing a stable, durable and safe energy supply for wearable electronic products, it can also be applied to medical health monitoring equipment, communications, electronic gifts, 3C digital products, smart intercom reading pens, microphone cards, bank cards, Smart cards, information cards, heating suits, smart shoes, portable sensors, smart labels, micro-speakers, tracking devices and military fields.

Grepow is a reliable battery company. It not only has advanced development concepts, good corporate culture but also has 20 years of mature R&D experience, which guarantees the company’s sustainable development and wins the trust and support of many consumers. Grepow is one step ahead in the development of novel battery and is relatively mature.

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
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