My Drone is Mixing Old and New Batteries

With the widespread use of drones, the most consumed device of all the devices in drones is the drone batteries. How to efficiently use old batteries and save battery life has become the hottest topic.

Can the old and new batteries of drones be mixed?

The old and new batteries of drones can be mixed, but why everyone says they can’t be mixed. This has something to do with understanding, not that it’s not possible, but that this hybrid use of old and new drone batteries is not recommended.

Performance of mixing old and new batteries when charging

In case of charging, the old and new batteries are mixed. First, the charging voltage at both ends of the old battery will be higher than the charging voltage at both ends of the new battery, resulting in the new battery is not fully charged, and the old battery has already passed high.

Overcharging behavior reacts to the Ni-MH battery as follows:

Positive:4OH- – 4e → 2H2O + O2↑

Negative:6C+XLi++Xe = LixC6

Because the negative capacity is higher than the positive capacity at design time. Thus the oxygen produced by the positive is compounded by the positive paper and the hydrogen produced by the negative. Therefore, in general, the internal pressure of the battery will not increase significantly. However, if the charging current is too large, or the charging time is too long, the resulting oxygen can not be consumed, it may cause the internal pressure increase, battery deformation, leakage and other undesirable phenomena. At the same time, its electrical performance is significantly reduced. Second,over long periods of charging, the old battery overheats, and the charging module can be damaged or disabled, resulting in the new battery being scrapped.

Performance of mixing old and new batteries in the case of discharge

In the discharge state, the new battery is lower due to the chemical reaction substance, the end voltage is higher, the internal resistance is smaller, and the old battery end voltage is lower and the internal resistance is larger. Because the capacity of the new battery is larger than the old battery capacity, resulting in excessive discharge of the old battery, and even cause the old battery to reverse the pole.The internal moisture of the battery and the gas produced by the decomposition of the organic solution are concentrated in the battery caused by the increase of pressure and swelling in the battery. Overdischarge behavior reacts to the battery as follows:

Positive:LiCoO2 = Li1-xCoO2+XLi++Xe-

Negative:2H2 + O2 → 2H2O

Over-release of a battery can have disastrous consequences for the battery, especially if the high current is over-released or over-released, which can have a greater impact on the battery. In general, over-discharge can increase the pressure in the battery and damage the reversibility of positive and negative active substances. Even if charging can only be partially restored, the capacity can be significantly reduced. It will lose the power of the new battery, but also cause voltage instability inside the appliance, there is also the risk of excessive use of old batteries. Drones can be corroded by battery fluid in the air due to leaky batteries, and even explode in flight.

Be sure to follow the instructions for battery use

The value of a drone is very high, a drone battery costs only about $200. This so-called battery-saving approach is very unwise! TATTU drone batteries are on the battery usage identification, clearly stating that new and old batteries should not be mixed to prevent danger. In the field of drone batteries, TATTU has become an industry leader. Popular with drone manufacturers and the preferred brand for fliers.

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