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How to store and care Nimh batteries?

How to store and care Nimh batteries?

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When you buy a new NiMH battery

As we all know, the service life of brand NiMH batteries can be charged 500-1000 times according to the official claim.

In fact, this is only an ideal value, and often it does not reach such a life. But as long as the charger is used reasonably and the nickel-hydrogen batteryis more deeply understood, we can still make it "longevity". Under normal circumstances, the new NiMH battery contains only a small amount of electricity, and you must charge it before you use it. However, if the battery is shipped out of the factory for a short period of time, it is recommended to use it first and then recharge it. 

Grepow Tattu NiMH battery

Grepow Tattu NiMH battery

The newly purchased nickel-metal hydride battery generally has to be charged and used 3-4 times, and the performance can be brought to the best state. Many friends encounter small problems encountered in the first charge. After 3-4 times of charging and use, it was solved. Although the memory effect of nickel-metal hydride batteries is small, it is recommended that you try to recharge each time after use, and it is a one-time full, do not charge for a while and then recharge.

When charging the battery

- Pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger

It is not necessary to deliberately blow with a fan to blow down, but be careful not to place too much debris around the charger. In the process of using the battery, the ordinary user often does not have a dedicated storage bag; after replacing the battery, the user will habitually put the battery on, regardless of whether the place is clean and humid. The consequence of this is that the battery is easily soiled, the contacts are easily in contact with metals, such as keys, and are susceptible to moisture, which is the enemy of the battery.Recommendation: Users should set a battery-specific placement point and keep the battery clean. To avoid problems such as loss of power, keep the contact points on both ends of the battery and the inside of the battery cover clean. If necessary, wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

Nickel-hydrogen battery use and maintenance methods

When you are not using it for a long time, remember to take the battery out of the battery compartment and put it in a dry environment. It is recommended to put it in the battery compartment to avoid short circuit. After a few months of storage, the nickel-hydrogen battery that has not been used for a long time will naturally enter a "sleep" state, and the battery life will be greatly reduced. If the NiMH battery has been placed for a long time, it is recommended that you charge it with a slow charge first. Here is another key question: 

For NiMH batteries, should the battery be fully discharged before being stored, or is it stored live?

Which two different views should be adopted? Many people think that the former should be used, but the author believes that battery storage is more reasonable.Because: According to the test, the best condition for the storage of NiMH batteries is to save about 80% of the charge. This is because the self-discharge of Ni-MH batteries is large (about 10%-15% in one month). If the battery is completely discharged and then stored, it will not be used for a long time. The self-discharge phenomenon of the battery will cause over-discharge of the battery. Will damage the battery.

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