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How to Replace a Bluetooth Speaker’s Battery?

How to Replace a Bluetooth Speaker’s Battery?

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When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, battery life is very important, which is about how long you can use it outside(it can be used outside). If the battery life is short, it is not suitable for outdoor use. This battery life is related to the capacity of the Bluetooth battery. So are the battery capacities of the Bluetooth speakers real? How can we replace the battery of the Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker battery capacity

People seek long-term battery life of Bluetooth speakers, so the requirements on Bluetooth battery capacity will be higher. If you don’t unpack or test, how do you know if the Bluetooth battery capacity or endurance time is real? At this time, you can acquire the fact.  For example, a 500mA to 800mA Bluetooth speaker, its battery life usually is 3 to 5 hours. It is also possible to calculate whether the battery capacity of the Bluetooth speaker is real. Battery capacity equals to using time multiplied by device power and then divided by the battery voltage. So we can calculate how many capacities of the battery when we buy a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth battery

How to replace the battery?

The battery of electronic products becomes less useful after the long run using, and the working time is greatly reduced. If you buy a Bluetooth speaker again, it may not be cost-effective. At this time, it is better to replace the battery of the Bluetooth speaker. (It could be more economical if you replace the battery instead of buying a new Bluetooth.) Turn the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker upwards, tear off its anti-slip mat, you can see the maintained screw, remove it and unscrew it, and then use a soldering iron to heat and make battery on the audio motherboard drop off. Finally, new cables and matching plugs should be soldered together. After the other end of the wire is welded to anode and cathode of the audio motherboard, fix the wire to it with double-sided tape. The two ends of the Bluetooth battery wire are respectively covered with tape. At this time, you can place the motherboard on the new battery. Close the bottom cover of the speaker, screw the screws back, and then stick double-sided adhesive to the bottom of the speaker, just stick the anti-slip mat back. The above is how to replace the battery of a Bluetooth speaker. When buying a Bluetooth speaker, pay attention to whether the capacity of the Bluetooth battery and the endurance time is real. If it is a fake mark, the product quality is certainly not good. Related Articles:

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