How to Protect Lipo Batteries for UAV Drone?

How to Protect Lipo Batteries

Standard voltage of batteries is 3.0V – 4.2V (single cell), the battery during charging and discharging work, should be controlled within this range; before the battery charge and discharge, it is recommended to detect the battery voltage batteries per piece how much; Battery voltage factory within a month is about 3.8 – 3.9V (single power-saving core), the same battery pack each piece of differential voltage batteries within 20mV; The use of more than three months battery pack, battery pressure within the range of 50mV;

Batteries can stand a maximum voltage limit of 4.22V (single- power-saving core), the lowest limit voltage of 2.8V (single power-saving core), when the battery voltage is higher than 4.22V or lower than 2.8V may cause batteries charge and discharge performance and safety damage, may result in heat leakage, flatulence; for quadcopter or other operating current exceeds the 3C products (such products less resistance, primarily focused on capacity above 3.2V), the proposed discharge cut-off voltage of 3.2V, reducing the risk of over put .

UAV drone and Tattu battery

How to Protect Lipo Batteries  Charging

  • Charging Ambient temperature range 0 ~ + 45℃;
  • The charging current must not exceed the maximum current specification identifies the general should not exceed 2C;
  • The presence of bulging deformation, leakage, or battery voltage is below 2.8V phenomenon can not be charged; at room temperature before charging batteries shall not exceed 40℃;
  • Charge shall not exceed the upper limit voltage 4.22V, at room temperature after charging the battery surface temperature should not exceed 45℃;
  • Suggested the use of formal manufacturers, quality and reliable chargers, battery chargers have recommended balance function.

How to Protect Lipo Batteries  Discharge Precautions

  • Discharge temperature range -20 ~ + 60℃
  • Discharge current may not exceed the maximum current specification logo
  • The presence of bulging deformation, leakage, or voltage difference≥30mV phenomenon battery is not discharged.
  • Discharge voltage of not less than the lower limit of 3.0V (single power-saving core), each single cell battery voltage difference between the maximum should not exceed 150mv after large current discharge, the surface temperature should not exceed 80℃

How to Protect Lipo Batteries  Shipping

  • The battery should be done to treat transport filling, crash and other measures to prevent the battery to severe shocks or vibration;
  • If you find any anomaly batteries, such as batteries plastic edge damage, shell breakage, smell the smell of the electrolyte, the electrolyte leakage, the batteries can not be used for distributing the electrolyte leakage or odor electrolyte batteries away to avoid the risk of fire source.

How to Protect Lipo Batteries  Others Tips

  • Non- professionals do not anatomy batteries, it may cause an internal short circuit, thereby causing the drum air, fire and other problems.
  • Lithium polymer electrolyte flow does not exist in theory,but in case there is leakage of the electrolyte and contact with skin, eyes or other body parts, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention immediately electrolyte

In any case , you can not burn batteries or batteries into fire, otherwise it will cause the batteries burn, which is very dangerous and should be absolutely prohibited batteries should not be soaked in a liquid, such as fresh water, sea water, drinks.

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