How to Make a Shaped Lithium Battery Pole Piece?

Due to its wide temperature range, high battery capacity, lowest self-discharge rate, and minimal memory effect, lithium batteries have become the most frequently used mobile power source for everyday use. With the popularity of the mobile Internet and the gradual development of the wearable device market, the endurance of the device has always been an important consideration in the purchase of wearable devices. Therefore, there is a strong demand for high-performance rechargeable shaped lithium battery in manufacturers of wearable devices.

Shaped lithium battery pole piece bag making machine

However, lithium batteries for wearable devices are generally different from existing mobile phones and digital cameras, and their appearance is not standard. The general square lithium battery has already had relatively mature research and application in the existing processing market, and has a high level of automation, and can be processed by the pole piece winding method.

The pole piece bag making a machine for the shaped lithium battery belongs to the bag making machine and is a relatively common machine for packaging various other items by using the thermoplastic principle of plastic. The main processes include the process of drawing, feeding, sealing, hot charging and cutting of the plastic film.

shaped lithium battery manufacturing process

At present, the domestic bag making automation equipment, its processes are basically feeding, fixed length traction, positioning heat sealing and positioning cutting. The characteristics of the products it produces are that the parcel area is large, but at the same time, the precision is not high. Therefore, automation is currently basically achieved in the bag making equipment in this respect.

By means of winding, it is possible to automatically feed the material and perform quantitative heat sealing and cutting by the traction of the servo motor. For the pole piece bag of the shaped lithium battery, since the diaphragm cover area is small, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy with a general-purpose packaging bag making machine, and a large number of unqualified products appear.

Why choose the Grepow shaped battery

In wearable devices such as smartwatches, batteries assembled in different models have different specifications and different standards. Such batteries cannot be processed in the form of wound pole pieces and can be customized in different shapes, so they are classified as shaped lithium batteries.

The production process requires several processes such as pole piece coating, pole piece punching, pole piece bag making, pole piece lamination welding, vacuum injection, and formation. The pole piece bag plays a role in the production process. The quality of the bag determines the important indicators such as the capacity of the final product and the amount of heat generated.

smartwatches battery

Due to the actual production requirements and specific production conditions of the heterogeneous lithium battery manufacturer, Grepow differs from most other battery manufacturers in the use of an automated device for the production of shaped lithium battery cells. It is mainly used to solve the problem of low efficiency and low qualification rate in the process of forming a special-shaped pole piece.

With the rise of wearable devices, the demand for shaped lithium batteries is increasing. In the production process, the pole piece bag is a step to carry on and off, and the quality of the bag making has a great influence on the final product of the shaped lithium battery. Pole sheet bag making machine manufacturers also developed and developed a special-shaped lithium battery pole piece bag making machine. In short, while ensuring the completion of design indicators, it is necessary to make the equipment strive to be integrated and intelligent.

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