How to Choose RC LiPo Battery Brand?

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First and foremost, how much are you ready to pay? Some brands are more expensive than others. While the adage “you get what you pay for” is generally useful, we ask you to hold on before deciding to purchase the most expensive LiPos out there just because they are expensive. Though we don’t endorse buying cheap Chinese knockoffs off eBay, don’t fall for the “appeal to wealth” fallacy. From our research and experience with different LiPo brands, it is hardly useful.


This is an important consideration. How long will the battery last before puffing out and becoming absolutely useless? (This is assuming you have taken care of your LiPos well of course) We’ve found out that some battery brands tend to last longer than others. This is true in terms of number of cycles and also when used in rough conditions like putting them through large power draws.

Availability in different configurations

Another thing to note is that not all battery brands manufacture the exact same configuration you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific battery with a specific capacity and C rating, you may have to sacrifice your freedom of buying from a specific brand.

However, if you are tad bit more flexible with your builds, most manufacturers offer batteries that fall under similar categories anyway, with slight differences.

The most important difference you may encounter with different brands is the type of connector. If you can’t connect the battery, what’s the point? X-T60 and deans are some of the most common types of connectors that come with LiPo batteries these days.

It is possible to work around this problem by making your own connectors. Cutting and soldering the type of connector you want to any battery brand is a good solution. Nevertheless, it can be a pain. Choose a LiPo brand that can get you up and running with minimum hassle.


Performance? Yes! Different brands may manufacture batteries with the exact same configuration and yet, the batteries may perform different. What does “performance” mean in this context? Let’s be specific:

How much flight time or run time the battery will offer, with each charge?

How much power the battery is capable of generating? Two batteries from different brands may have the same C rating, but you would often notice that your craft performs better on one instead of the other.

Note: Performance is especially important if you are planning on doing competitive RC racing.

Best RC Lipo Battery Manufacturer Recommend: Grepow

Grepow products high-quality and better performance batteries under its different brands, GensAce and Tattu. Gens Ace brand is focus on RC hobby battery field, such as RC car, RC airplane/helicopter. Grepow able to custom and offer a one-stop service for your RC battery designs and solutions.

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