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Flexible Battery for Wearable Electronics

Flexible Battery for Wearable Electronics

Editorial:Joe Issue Date:2019-05-22 Views:2210

With the advancement of technology and the arrival of the intelligent wave, smart wearable devices are also developing rapidly. As a key component of new equipment, the flexible battery has received more and more attention. The flexible lithium-ion battery has achieved substantial development and can provide more power for smart devices.

The importance of developing flexible batteries

In the past few years, smart wearable devices have witnessed rapid development. Its form has also become more diverse, from the original smartphone to the current smartwatches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, smart running shoes and so on. Smart wearable devices have become more and more popular with consumers, and many people are used to the existence of smart wearable devices and cannot get rid of them.

Wearable devices - smart headphones

Smart wearable devices want to grow further but are limited by the speed of battery development. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop smaller, lighter and thinner lithium-ion batteries. Compared with other lithium battery systems, the research and development of lithium-ion batteries are more mature, and flexible lithium ion battery is also the most likely to be the first flexible system to be promoted and applied. As we all know, whether it is wearable devices or other smart products, the importance of batteries is beyond doubt. Nowadays, wearable device manufacturers are eager to solve some of the problems of wearable batteries, such as endurance, charging speed and adaptability.

Achieve the improvement of battery life

Due to the size limitation of the wearable device itself, the battery for the wearable device is also generally irregular. In principle, most current collectors of wearable devices are made of materials with high conductivity and polymers with good tensile properties. This new battery can be used in a variety of irregular electronic products. The battery fits the wearable device in various shapes, making full use of the space of the wearable device, increasing the energy density of the battery, and providing more power to the smart device. Therefore, it can be used to solve the bottleneck problem of the current wearable device battery.

Wearable devices - smartwatches

Flexible lithium batteries are safer

It is worth mentioning that this amazing flexible lithium battery is safer and less dangerous. The original intention to develop this flexible battery is that the flexible battery can maintain its original performance while being stretched, which is safe and reliable. It is expected to be widely used in wearable devices and become the core technology for solving the current wearable energy storage device. There is no doubt that flexible batteries are in a stage of vigorous development, and its technological breakthrough is bound to open a new chapter in electronic devices. When such flexible batteries become commercially available, they could disrupt the wearables industry. If you're looking to expand into wearable devices, Grepow can help you solve the problem of wearable battery mass production.

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