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Can your iPhone battery be replaced?

Can your iPhone battery be replaced?

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Understanding your iPhone battery

Your iPhone battery utilizes lithium-ion technology that empowers it to charge speedily and have longer battery life and battery lifespan. An iPhone's battery life refers to the time that the iPhone's battery powers the iPhone before it requires to be recharged. Its lifespan, on the other hand, refers to the time that it lasts until its replacement is inevitable.

Your iPhone battery's life and lifespan

The things that you do with your iPhone determine the iPhone battery's lifespan. Even if you become awfully vigilant with the things that you do with your iPhone so as to prolong its battery's lifespan, the battery will need to be replaced at some point in time. This is because the iPhone battery's lifespan is also dependent on other chemical aging factors like the climate to which the iPhone is exposed, the number of charge cycles, and how you have taken care of the iPhone, besides your overall usage habits. Given that the fabrication of your iPhone battery employed the lithium-ion technology, the amount of charge that can hold exponentially diminishes with age, which results in shorter maximum capacity events or the amount of time that it takes before the iPhone needs to be recharged, and the need for the battery to be replaced eventually.

Your iPhone battery's ability to deliver peak power

Your iPhone has been designed with the intent to deliver an exceptionally simple and easy-to-use experience for you. This has been achieved through employing a thorough combination of advanced electronics and device engineering that require instantaneous power so as to function effectively. Your iPhone's battery needs to have adequate ability to deliver peak power or maximum instantaneous performance so as to enable the iPhone to function as expected. Your iPhone battery's impedance plays a huge role in determining the delivery of peak power to your iPhone. Impedance is a measure of the overall opposition that a system presents to an electric current. It comprises both resistance and reactance to the current. Resistance emanates from collisions of the charged particles that carry current with the internal structure of the iPhone battery system. If your battery has high impedance, it will not be able to deliver adequate power to give you the experience that you desire from your iPhone. If the battery's chemical age is advanced, its state of charge is low, or it is operating in a cold environment, the battery will have elevated impedance. Pulling power from a battery that is in this state of high impedance makes its voltage drop so significantly that the iPhone's operations can inadequately be supported with the full capacities of the device's power management system. This then triggers the system to perform an intentional shutdown so as to preserve the iPhone's electronic components. To prevent such unexpected shutdowns that detract your iPhone experience, you can replace the iPhone battery.

Replacing your iPhone battery

If the AppleCare+ warranty or consumer law covers your iPhone, then the iPhone's battery can be replaced free of charge. You can find out by entering the iPhone's serial number. Such damages to the iPhone that could prejudice battery replacement as a cracked screen will have to be fixed before replacement of the battery are done. Such repairs could, in some cases, be subject to a cost. GREPOW L shaped battery for iPhone You have two options to choose from when considering replacing your iPhone battery. These are, sending in for repair and bringing in for repair. Send in for repair is an option that is tailor-made for iPhone customers that would like to escape the wait for an appointment or traveling to the iPhone battery replacement store. A box could be sent to such customers so that they can package the iPhone in it for dispatch to the Apple Repair Center. If you fall in this category of customers,  here to arrange a shipment of your iPhone to the repair center and it will be replaced and delivered back to you between 3 and 5 business days. Bring in for repair, on the other hand, is an option where you make an appointment at an Apple Store or at any of Apple's authorized service outlets and your iPhone will be fixed as you wait. This option will not be ideal for repair cases that are intricate as these may demand that your iPhone sends to Apple Repair Center, which will then require you to be patient for between 3 and 5 business days for you to collect it.

Securing your iPhone Experience

Given the significance of iPhone batteries in defining the experience that you derive from using your iPhone, efforts to design bespoke iPhone batteries have been on increase. Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd has been revolutionizing the design and manufacture of high C-rate and high capacity batteries, including Li-po batteries that have high discharge current, high reliability, high capacity, long cycle life, high safety, low self-discharge, and high energy density. GREPOW L shaped battery The batteries also come in custom shapes that fit into any and all shapes in a product, thereby guaranteeing maximum efficiency. Key attributes of Grepow's shaped batteries are: -
  1. High safety performance due to the special enveloping technology that limits potential internal short-circuiting;
  2. Any special shape based on your product application requirements;
  3. Micro dimensions characterized by 0.4~8 mm thickness and 6~50 mm in width;
  4. Support for high rate discharge as well as fast charging capacity;
  5. Wide operating temperatures like -50 ℃~50 ℃or -20 ℃~80 ℃;
  6. Custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf batteries;
  7. Test samples that can be completed in 7 days;
  8. Batteries that are of different shapes and which can be connected in series or in parallel; and
  9. Availability in European and USA warehouses for easy supply.
Grepow's proprietary formula and high discharge-rate technology hold great promise in making you maximize the run time and use of your iPhone and other products. This is based on the company's over 20 years of researching, developing, and manufacturing batteries. Grepow is the leading manufacturer of shaped Li-po batteries. They also specialize in the research and production of NIMHLiFePO4 batteries as well as the development of power management systems.

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