What battery does a smart sports bracelet take?

battery types of smart bracelets

Abstract: Smart sports bands can be divided into two types for the different batteries. One is battery replacement and the other is rechargeable with a lithium-ion polymer battery. To have a comfortable bracelet,remember to pay attention to its battery life and what we can do to maintain it.

Two types of smart sports bracelets

Smart bracelets almost have a sports recording function. No matter what kind of smart sports bracelets, the battery life is always considered when purchased. In terms of battery, there are roughly two forms, namely charging batteries and button batteries that need to be replaced.

Data of intelligent sports bracelets’ batteries

Brand  Bracelet model Battery type Battery life Battery

charge or replace

Misfit SHINE1 CR2032 3-6 months replace
SPEEDO1 CR2032 3-6 months
RAY 393 SR754 4-6 months
PHASE CR2043 1 month
Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer (lipo) battery 15-21 days charge
life sense mambo HR2 5-30 days

7-14 days

Mi Mi Band6 7-14 days
HUAWEI HUAWEI  Band6 7-14 days
Dido Y2 10-15 days

Source: Data from the shopping website


In general, the one which needs replacing battery has a long use time so that we don’t need to charge but replace its battery in a few months or in about a year.

Most people would like to recharge the bracelets rather than replace the batteries. At the same time, to protect the usage of products, manufacturers are not willing to let consumers change batteries themselves but prefer to recycle the bracelets and replace the batteries. Therefore charging batteries are chosen by more manufacturers. This charging form eliminates the inconvenience of replacing batteries. According to users’ experience of the rechargeable ones, most smart bracelets maintain standby time at a week or more. The battery is not charged as often as the smartphone does every day, which is easy for users. Small details of charging can affect the service life of the battery. It’s time to check and learn how to charge our bracelet better.


Some tips to maintain Lithium-polymer battery

  1. Use the original charger for charging.
  2. Don’t over-charge and over-discharge the battery. The charging time normally is about 1-2 hours(At a temperature of near 25℃).
  3. Avoid exposing the bracelets to extreme environments (too hot or too cold) and prevent the battery from liquid corrosion.
  4. It is strongly recommended that you do not try to turn it on again after the equipment is automatically turned off.
  5. Long-term use of lithium polymer batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place, in the best semi-electric state, full electric storage is dangerous and the battery will be damaged, the non-electric storage battery will be damaged. Check for electrical recharge at the regular time.

When we want to do with the battery life, some maintenance methods above do help a lot.

Power your creativity

All in all, smart bracelets are usually powered by high-performance polymer batteries to ensure the continuous, efficient and stable operation of the product. We not only value the capacity and performance of the batteries but also pursue appearance and wear comfort, the Grepow shaped battery is officially a good choice for you to achieve your creativity.

The following images are partially shaped and currently have 200 + models

Grepow shaped batteries are produced exclusively for creativity. Here are some samples. Better charge and discharge is done with different shapes.

The features of Grepow Lithium-ion polymer battery

  1. High safety performance.
  2. Any special shape, according to your product application requirements.
  3. 0.4~8 mm in thickness, 6~50 mm in width.
  4. Wide operating temperature: -50 ℃~50 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃.
  5. Test samples will be completed in 7 days.
  6. European and USA warehouse for easy supply.

Grepow has been researching, developing and manufacturing batteries for more than 20 years. Though smart bracelets tend to be different shapes and lighter, we are confident that we will have a top rechargeable button-cell battery solution that meets your needs.  For more information, please contact us.

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