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Rechargeable Button-Cell Battery 3.7V 66mAh GRP1254


Grepow Rechargeable Button-Cell Battery

The specification is suitable for the performance of Lithium-Polymer (LIP) rechargeable button-cell battery produced by the SHENZHEN GREPOW BATTERY CO., LTD.


GRP1254 66mAh 3.7V

Rechargeable Button-Cell Battery Specification

NO. Item Data
1 Dimension Width:12.1±0.2 mm
2 Capacity 66mAh
3 Voltage 3.7V
4 Max. Charge Current 64mA(1C)
5 Max. Charge Voltage 4.25V
6 Nominal Continuous Discharge Current 32mA(0.5C)
7 Max. Continuous Discharge Current 128mA
8 Max. Continuous Discharge Rate 2C
9 Max. Discharge Current 192mAh(2S)
10 Cut-off Voltage 3.0V
11 Impedance ≤350 mΩ(Ref)
12 Operating Temp. Charge: 0℃~45℃
13 Storage Temperature -20℃-60℃:Less than 1 month
14 Weight 1.2±0.2g(Ref)

Structure and dimension

Rechargeable Button-Cell Battery 3.7V 66mAh GRP1254 Structure and dimension

Rechargeable Button-Cell Battery performance criteria

1. Before proceed the following tests, the cells should be discharged at 0.5C to 3.0V cut-off. Unless otherwise stated, tests should be done within one month of delivery under the following conditions:

Ambient temperature: 23℃±2℃

Relative Humidity: ≤ 75%RH

2. Standard Charge/Discharge Conditions:

Charge: The battery will be charged to 4.2V with 0.5C from constant current to constant voltage, when the current is 0.05C, stop to charge.

Discharge: 0.5C constant-current discharge, cut-off voltage 3.0V / 0.5C to 3.0V

Storage Requirement


≤ 75%RH


Ambient Temperature



Cell Voltage


for long time

Cell Voltage

≥ 3.9

≤ 7 days

Please activate the battery once every 3 months according to the following method:

Charge at 0.2C to 4.2V, rest 5 min, then discharge with 0.2C to 3.0V/cell, rest 5 min, then charge at 0.2C to 3.9V.


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Rechargeable Button-Cell Battery Applications

See more rechargeable button-cell battery instruction to the link: https://www.grepow.com/page/button-cell-battery.html

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