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More than 100 new products stunning release! 2021 World Drone Conference review!


The 5th World Drone Conference 2021 and the 6th Shenzhen International Drone Exhibition, themed "New Start, New Value, New Application", were successfully held in Shenzhen from May 21 to 23.

uav expo new from grepow

During the conference, 33 parallel forums were held, including 30 Chinese and foreign academicians, 400 speakers and more than 8,000 people attended, 369 exhibitors displayed 2270 drones, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships and robots, 7 drones and robot performance competitions, and 50,000 buyers gathered in Shenzhen.

This conference has dozens of different enterprises on-site release of various new products, the number of new products more than hundreds, the following are some of the new products to share with industry friends.

1. SMD - 10hours endurance VTOL

SMD launched the first oil-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV with a duration of more than 10 hours - V480. The aircraft has a 3-9kg payload capacity, can carry dual light pods and lidar products, and has a maximum range of 1080km. the V480 not only has a large payload capacity but is also fast, reaching 23-40m/s.

2. Aerofugia releases new UAV

Aerofugia showcased its newly launched XB-10 UAV at the World UAV Congress. The aircraft adopts a quick-disassembly nose design, can carry a variety of load equipment, greatly enhance the versatility of multiple scenarios; the whole aircraft operation is flexible, using a non-disassembly folding arm, can be loaded into the trunk of the car, to achieve rapid withdrawal.

3. JOUAV CW-15 second-generation upgrade again

JOUAV CW-15 Version2, as the standard form of industrial UAV, has officially entered the era of industrial UAV 2.0 with its intellectualization, platform and instrumentalization. The open architecture of the aircraft has been upgraded once again, breaking through the original limitations of industrial drones and transcending the single attribute of "flight platform".

4. JOUAV hydrogen-fueled drone debuts in delivery

In May, they successfully delivered the CW-25H, the world's practical hydrogen-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV with 330 minutes of endurance. The aircraft has fully inherited the development achievements of CW series VTOL, while making new explorations and attempts in the overall design of UAV and energy system design for the characteristics of the fuel cell system.

Hydrogen Craft - UAV expo share from grepow

5. Hydrogen Craft Large payload hydrogen-fueled UAV

The hydrogen-powered drone weighs 173 KG and can carry a 30 kg payload for more than one hour of flight. In terms of takeoff gross weight and payload, it is the largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered multi-copter drone reported to date. Driving this multi-copter is Hydrogen Craft's 24 kW rated lightweight fuel cell.

Hydrogen Craft - drone exhibition from grepow

6. Geneinno's new powerful underwater drone

Geneinno Technology is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of underwater intelligent devices, this conference Geneinno released a new product S3 underwater flying machine, with very strong power. It has a speed of 4m / s, can be used for underwater 60m diving, and there are deep water lighting, GPS positioning and a one-touch return function, which greatly increases the fun of underwater activities.

Geneinno's new powerful underwater drone-info from grepow

7. Terjin TDOAX1B UAV detection equipment

Based on TDOA spectrum detection technology. Single equipment can independently discover and identify UAVs. Multiple equipments can be networked to achieve accurate positioning and trajectory tracking of UAVs. The equipment adopts a special antenna design, covering a wide band, long detection distance, strong anti-interference ability, suitable for urban complex environment deployment.

Terjin TDOAX1B UAV detection equipment -expo info from grepow

8. GDU intelligent software system + UAV nest

GDU is a high-tech company specializing in the development, production and sales of drones. GDU unveiled its latest intelligent software system and an automatic drone airport at the conference. It is worth mentioning that GDU intelligent software system, which has both intelligent management system in many fields: intelligent city, agricultural and water management system, public security system, etc.

GDU intelligent software system - grepow battery info

GDU UAV nest - grepow info

9. Grepow's new Tattu 3.0 smart drone battery released

Version 3.0 battery - new structure design, the same shell can hold more capacity. In addition, it can be intelligent power control, waterproof and anti-flash. Portable and plug-in port design, make it very convenient to use. It can be widely used in film and television aerial photography, agricultural plant protection, mapping and surveying, forest fire prevention, flood rescue, environmental monitoring and other fields, and it is believed that it can bring a different flight experience to the majority of users.

tattu 3.0 grepow new product

The following is a brief introduction


CZZN drone spotlight - uav expo share from grepow

Autel Intelligent Tech

autel tech grepow info's share

autel grepow share expo info


feimarebotics 2021 uav expo -grepow


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walkera uav 2021 drone exhibition grepow battery share

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walkera drone tech - grepow intro


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CSPAT uav - grepow battery


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Sangair - uav expo grepow battery description

Xuanji Tech

xuanji tech - uav exhibition - grepow share info

Exhibition information sharing from Grapow and Tattu Battery. In this exhibition, we exhibited our latest Tattu 3.0 and semi solid batteries ( high energy density ), if you are interested in our drone batteries, please feel free to contact us by email at info@grepow.com.

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