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Exhibition Invitation | The 5th Drone World Conference 2021


We Grepow hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the 5th Drone World Conference 2021 from May 21st to 23th 2021.

We’re one of the manufacturers specialized in UAV’s battery, concluding agricultural spraying drone’s battery, mapping and survey drone’s battery, VTOL battery and so on.

This exhibition will exhibit our latest UAV-related battery products with high energy density (275 to 300Wh per kg) and high discharge rate, welcome all the customers to visit. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition.

Exhibition center: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Fuhua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Booth number: 2B27

Date: May 21th to 23th 2021 ( Friday to Sunday, Three days )

Best regards


Tattu UAV battery


Organized by China UAV Industry Alliance and Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, the 5th Drone World Conference 2021 will be held on May 21-23, 2021 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China. This global-level exhibition will bring together the latest technological achievements in each UAV field and provide the best communication platform for companies and researchers.

The conference will highlight internationalization, specialization and marketization through various activities such as "theme conference, new product display and international competition". Representatives from almost 60 countries will discuss the current development status and technological innovation of UAVs and unmanned systems, and exchange views on airspace management, education and training, and unmanned intelligent devices in the fields of epidemic prevention and control, homeland, maritime, trade,  and so on.

More than 2,000 unmanned helicopters, unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned multicopter, unmanned airships (boats), hot air balloons, small satellites, unmanned parachute wing aircraft, flutter wing micro-drones, unmanned vehicles, intelligent robots, underwater submersibles and upstream and downstream supporting industrial products from more than 300 Chinese and foreign UAV enterprises will be on display.


5.21 Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center North Square
Drone World Congress 2021
Intercontinental Shenzhen Hotel
Opening speech
Organizers / Guests
Invited Report
Academician / Expert
Keynote Speech
Experts/ Scholars / Representatives of Well-known UAV and Unmanned System Enterprises
Industry Pioneer Peak Dialogue
Head of the Drone Industry Organization, Expert and President of Well-Known Enterprises
Signing ceremony
Global UAV Grand Ceremony 2021, Drone performance

5.21-5.23 Activities

Drone World Congress 2021 - Parallel Forum

  1. UAV Vision Technology Summit
  2. China and Europe UAV Development Forum
  3. The First Hot Air Balloon Industry Summit
  4. The 9th International Conference of Precision Agricultural Aviation
  5. Emergency UAV Science and Technology Innovation Conference
  6. UAV Logistics Summit
  7. UAV System Inspection and Quality Safety Summit
  8. Fire-fighting UAV Application Innovation Forum
  9. International UAV System Standard Innovation Forum
  10. Unmanned Systems Industrial Parks Development Forum
  11. Civil-Military Integration Innovation Forum
  12. Security (police) UAV Application Forum
  13. UAV Counter Technology Forum
  14. Marine Unmanned Systems AI Innovation Forum
  15. Hebei-Shenzhen Unmanned Systems Cooperation Summit
  16. 5G+ Internet-connected UAV Application Forum
  17. UAV Education and Training Development Forum
  18. International UAV/UAS Open Innovation Forum
  19. International Unmanned Systems Project Investment Roadshow

Drone Football Competition

Visiting the exhibition and Drone World Congress 2021 Sub-conference

If you are interested in the exhibition, please click the link below to contact us.


Email: info@grepow.com

Website: https://www.grepow.com/