There are more than 200 professional engineers and technical staff to carry out cutting-edge technology research and development and process technology innovation. We are the only company in China that is able to research, develop independently and manufacture NiMH, LI-PO, LI-FE batteries at the same time. In addition we own the high level technologies in power batteries production.


Research and Development Achievements:


Our New Technologies

We can provide customization batteries with discharge rate range from 3C to 150C depends on your needs.
We are able to customize batteries that can work in different temperatures, from -40°to 80°.

We are able to manufacturer batteries that in irregular shapes, such as round shape, curve shape and so on.

Our New material

Super Thin Current Collector: 1) 6um Copper foil 2) 12um Aluminum foil, increasing the around 5% of energy density.
Using of high capacity Negative materials such as SiO/C and Si/C, it increase more than 20% of energy density.