For Cosumer Electronics

GREPOW devoted itself to the research of High capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries. Attributing to innovative design in constructions and new chemical formulation, GREPOW is proud to offer high capacity AA 2700mAh & AAA 1000mAh NiMH batteries to power today's high drain devices.

GREPOW NiMH high capacity series are ideally suited powering your power-hungry device such as digital cameras, PDAs, hand held games, portable CD players and MP3 players. They last up to 4 times longer than alkaline batteries in digital cameras and can be recharged up to 1000 times. GREPOW NIMH high capacity series are most reliable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly power option for this digital times.

In addition, GREPOW is abble to handle OEM business with cutomerised package.
NiMH Consumer battery

UItra High Capacity
GREPOW Ni-MH high capacity series provide higher energy
density and deliver up to 2-3 times capacity of the similar size
NiCd batteries for today's energy hungry electronic devices.

 High Rate Discharge
Up to 3C discharge

 Wide Operating Temperature
-20℃ to 50℃

 Quick Charging capability

 Excellent overcharge endurance

 Bulit-in safety protection

 Long life service
Deliver 500-1000 cycles under different conditions

 No memory effect

 Enviornmentally friendly
No cadmium, lead and mercury added.

Do not contain toxic cadmium and be better for environment.

NiMH Consumer battery

Digital Cameras
Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
Portable CD /MD / MP3 Players
Shavers / Electric ToothbrushesM
Flashlight / Romote controlM
Toys and Games.

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