We are one of the world’s biggest battery manufacturers. We are China’s biggest professional high discharge rate batteries manufacturer, and one of the top 5 NiMH batteries manufacture. We are a complex company offering research, develop, production and sales services.

Found In 1998

Grepow has inherited the idea of 20 years of very fine production quality. With the ability of continuous self-innovation and superior battery research and development abilities, we have become a very professional and mature NiMH, LI-PO and LI-FE batteries manufacturer. Grepow has formed an overseas network including branches in United States and Germany.

Company History


Production Scale


We have more than 200 professional engineers and technicians for technology innovation, research and development. Grepow also has U.S and Germany branches and has developed very close relationships with many global top 500 companies.

And we own four factories with more than 3,000 employees: Shenzhen1 (15000m2, 950 employees, Lipo-cell), Shenzhen2 (13000m2, 450 employees, Lipo-pack), Shenzhen3 (5000m2, 50 employees, Shaped Curved Lipos), Hunan (63000m2, 1300 employees, Ni-MH).