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Bluetooth Asia 2019 | An Interactive Tour of Grepow Shaped Battery and Bluetooth

Bluetooth Asia 2019 | An Interactive Tour of Grepow Shaped Battery and Bluetooth

Editorial:Eva Wei Issue Date:2019-07-26 Views:3598

Bluetooth Asia takes places on 23-24 May 2019 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and will welcome more than 2500 software developers, manufacturers, startup founders, executives, Bluetooth SIG and Grepow battery manufacturer.

Bluetooth Asia 2019 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Grepow is a lithium polymer battery manufacturer in China who is mainly focused on high discharge rate, fast charge and high energy density battery engineering and manufacturing. With several years of development, Grepow has successfully developed specially shaped LiPo batteries.

grepow stand

Grepow batteries won't only be square shaped; every shape is possible, such as triangle, round and curved shapes. These batteries can be used in all kinds of products products. The battery shape can be designed according to the remaining space of your product, it will increase the battery capacity as well as the related working time.Grepow battery is widely used in bluetooth headset, smart watch, smart bracelet and other wearable devices.

grepow battery

Bluetooth technology is the global wireless standard for simple, secure connectivity. Propelled by a global community of nearly 30,000 companies, Bluetooth serves to unify, harmonize, and drive innovation in the vast range of connected devices all around us. Through collective creation and shared technical standards, Bluetooth simplifies, secures and enriches the technology experience of users worldwide.It has made consumers more demanding on Bluetooth batteries, and it has also promoted its development.

Bluetooth Asia 2019 is hot on

With Bluetooth moving further into Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, the Smart Home and Smart Industry, while securing its place as the connectivity solution of choice for the consumer electronics market, make sure you participate to stake your claim in the market!

The conference includes innovative designers and developers, as well as founders and engineers from well-known brands who are using Bluetooth technology to innovate for the IoT, creating exceptional, successful products. Developer sessions will offer the newest techniques and tools for implementing Bluetooth technology in your products, as well as a number of practical sessions.

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