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A review of the Race Event on June 8-9, 2019

A review of the Race Event on June 8-9, 2019

Editorial:Eva Wei Issue Date:2019-07-26 Views:2672

This issue takes you back to the Grepow battery sponsored competition on June 8th and 9th, 2019. In the five RACES of MR CUP R3, MR CUP R3, TWS Round 2, DCS Race and DCS Race, you will compete against others and take the top place!

The details are as follows:


1. MR CUP R3

Jun 9,2019

Czech Republic

Lucas Hoch got 1st in F1 and 3rd overall In Stock Class!

2. Swiss Drone League

Jun 8-9,2019


Tattu pilot- Brett Collis Won 1st place!

3. TWS Round 2

Jan 9,2019


Tattu pilots have a great record!

Gary Kent 1st

Brett Collis 3rd

4. DCS Race

Jun 9,2019


Winners of the "Pro" class - all Tattu pilots! Congrats!

Marcel Gregor 1st

Heiko Schenk 2nd

Malte Meibohm 3rd

5. Race at the Riverside Flyers Club

Jun 9,2019


Tattu pilot -Gabriel Kocher (aks gab707_fpv) Won 1st place!


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