Sadly-Why not use rescue drones to help Australian wildfires

australian mountain fire

The latest on wildfires in Australia

Let’s take a look at the australian wildfires, which have raged for more than five months, burned more than 10 million hectares, killed more than 20 people and buried 500 million animals in the sea. Houses have been destroyed, residents displaced, more than 20,000 koalas have died in the fire. Add in other factors and the Australian koala is facing a functional extinction. Australia has been burning since September, and the end of the catastrophic destruction seems to have yet to materialise. Officials believe the fire could take months to put out.

Rescues from around the world on Australian wildfires

Wildfires have killed more than two dozen people and destroyed more than 2,000 homes, according to the Associated Press. According to the Australian wildlife conservation group WWF, 1.25 billion animals have died. It is estimated that up to 15.6 million acres of land have been burned. As of early this week, NSW was the hardest hit, with about 130 fires still burning across the state. For the first time in Australian history, thousands of Army, Navy and Air Force reservists have been put out in flames. U.S. officials said Tuesday they plan to send 100 firefighters to the country next week, along with 159 U.S. firefighters already there. The fires are months ahead of Australia’s annual wildfire season as the country has experienced its hottest and driest year on record.

wildfires in Australia

Rescues from around the world on Australian wildfires

State and federal authorities have been working for months to respond to the fire crisis. In early January, Victoria declared a state of disaster and NEW South Wales declared a state of emergency. NSW has given it extraordinary powers and provides extra government resources to put out the fires. Queensland also briefly declared a state of emergency in November. In NSW alone, more than 2,000 firefighters are working on the ground. The United States, Canada and New Zealand have sent more firefighters to help.

Australian bushfire kangaroo

The federal government has also sent military assistance, such as army personnel, Air Force aircraft and navy cruisers, to carry out firefighting, evacuation, search and rescue and clean-up. The Morrisons government has also allocated billions of dollars in federal aid to help rebuild vital infrastructure, such as schools and fire-ravaged medical facilities. The prime minister said earlier that each firefighter who volunteered to fight the fire would receive a subsidy of up to $4,200 over ten days. Other relief measures include compensatory salaries and extra leave for volunteer firefighters.

rescue Australian wildfires

Auxiliary role played by drones in mountain fires

In this natural mountain fire in Australia, I think the most important thing to reflect on is the Forest Industry Authority. Why isn’t a drone patrolling the mountains? Drones are now popular, not to mention governments! In the past, in order to prevent the drought may trigger mountain fires, forest and electricity and other related departments to 24-hour non-stop inspection, but also to draw firefighters to carry out publicity work. At the same time, many mountain fire patrol lines are in the mountains, inspection and inspection workload is very large, inspectors also face certain security risks. Such a way is not only inefficient, but also in the prevention, disposal and other aspects are not perfect. But these difficulties have long since been resolved, as the drone era flourished. Unfortunately, the Australian wildfire disaster has happened.

The latest on wildfires in Australia

After the Australian wildfires, entire towns were engulfed by fire and residents in several states lost their homes. The worst structural damage occurred in the state’s most populous state, New South Wales, which has destroyed 1,588 homes and destroyed more than 650. Meanwhile, December’s heatwave broke the nation’s record for the highest average temperature, with some places sweltering in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius (about 113-120 degrees Fahrenheit). Strong winds also spread the fire and smoke faster and caused death. A 28-year-old volunteer firefighter died in NSW in December after the truck rolled in high winds.

Australian wildfire rescue drone

It’s important to note that rescue drones, which used to be mentioned, rarely hear news reports about how many rescue drones have been sent to wipe out Australian wildfires.In contrast, drones can quickly reach areas that cannot be immediately accessible to rescue, fire vehicles and related personnel, and can play an important role in mountain fire monitoring, extinguishing and rescue command. Of course, in this Australian wildfire, more drone-operated fliers and continuously powered drone batteries are needed. In this way, you personally think that at least a quarter of the loss is reduced. The number of animals and plants burned by wildfires can also be reduced. After all, plants can grow again next year. But now 500 million Australian animals have lost their homes and their own lives. This is a group of lovely and poor animals.

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When will the Australian fires end

Australia is still at the end of the summer. The fire is unlikely to end immediately because of previous slow rescue and fire fighting operations. I suggest that the Australian Government can use a large number of drones to fight and rescue fires as soon as possible. At the same time, recruit more flier, contact relevant battery manufacturers, and customize drone batteries. At the same time, recruit more flier, contact relevant battery manufacturers, and customize drone batteries. Work with local firefighters to put out the fire. Set up protective belts, and send a large number of medical staff to treat more animals, as soon as possible to extinguish the Australian mountain fire. Through the government announcement, the news media announced that people from all walks of life to come together to overcome the natural disaster. Whether it’s donating, donating supplies, or joining the war as a volunteer!

australian mountain fire



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