3 Smartphones Recharge Tricks You Should Be Using Daily

Charging your mobile phone in the morning

Why do others use the same smartphone all day around without low battery interruption, while my own mobile phone needs charging 3 times a day? Aging mobile phone batteries contribute to short battery life. We must realize some daily mobile phone use behaviors and habits can cause irreversible damage to mobile phone batteries.

Why my smartphone drains so quickly

This article starts with what is battery aging, and takes everyone to know and learn how to prolong the use of mobile phones (battery life).

What is battery aging?

Battery aging is mainly a phenomenon that occurs during the use of rechargeable batteries, which refers to the reduction of battery capacity preservation. In short, “battery is not durable”.

The mobile phone manufacturer presets that the new mobile phone can maintain 85-186 hours of standby time or an average use time of about 22 hours when 100% fully charged. If it is used for a period of time, it can only last for 48 hours in standby mode, and the average use time is obviously dropped (less than 5 hours), and it was also accompanied by the phenomenon that the battery was easy to heat up. This is the manifestation of aging.

What type of cell phone battery is it?

Modern smartphones are mostly powered by rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (also Lithium Polymer/LiPo) batteries, which like those used in most consumer electronics products, have a cycle life of 300-500 cycles.

When to recharge smartphones

What is the cycle life of a battery?

1 cycle life refers to the complete process of battery power from 0% to 100%.

Life extension method 1:

When the power of our mobile phone is 20%-40%, take charging measures; when it is charged to 80%-90%, remove the charging device and cut off the charging. In such a process, the chemical composition inside the battery remains stable, which can avoid heat generation and reduce damage to the mobile phone battery.

Every time you charge to 100%, then remove the power?

In order to protect the battery of the phone, do you wait for the phone to be charged to 100% before disconnecting the power supply? This behavior is not recommended. The cycle of life mentioned above has already told you the answer. If the phone is always charged to 100% or even overnight (overcharging), even if the battery has a smart protection circuit board (BMS) in the phone, overcharging will still increase the risk of overheating the phone, resulting in the irreversible capacity drain.

Extend your phone battery life method 2:

To avoid overcharging means avoid 100%! A typical mobile phone can reach nearly 100% power within 3 hours of charging, and the duration of each charge should be controlled within 3 hours. The two actions of use and charging shouldn’t be on at the same time!

Wait till the phone itself is off and then recharge it, or at 10-20%?

Most mobile phone batteries are reminded to charge when the remaining power is 20%. If they continue to be used (excessive discharge behavior), the mobile phone battery will heat up; if the standby reaches 0% and recharge, the mobile phone does not heat up. Is it better? The answer is negative.

Prolong your phone battery life method 3:

Avoid over-discharging. You can charge the phone when the battery is less than 80%, not waiting for the red charging reminder to recharge. The reason why the mobile phone reminds us to charge is that it is afraid that we will drain too much battery capacity, excessive power consumption, reduce the internal voltage, etc. The mobile phone is in its own protection mechanism, so it sends us a charging signal.

Note: Get your smartphone recharged frequently to get the best performance out of your battery!

Battery power levers and tips

Developing good charging habits to prolong battery life is to make our smartphones avoid 20% or 100 power levers, and stay away from overheating the phones. What’s more,  we must also not recharge the mobile phone at high temperatures but at room temp (best at around 22℃); use the original charger to charge the smartphones; try not to play on the mobile phone while charging. Following these, you don’t need to worry about your smartphone battery not being durable at all!

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