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What Is an FPV Battery?

What Is an FPV Battery?

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FPV (First Person View) drones have revolutionized the way we experience aerial photography and racing. These drones rely heavily on their batteries for power, making the choice of battery a critical decision for any FPV pilot. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of FPV batteries, covering what they are, how to choose the right one, how long they last, and the best options for a 5" FPV drone.

What Is an FPV Battery?

An FPV battery is a rechargeable power source specifically designed for FPV drones. These batteries are typically made of lithium polymer (LiPo) cells, known for their high energy density and lightweight properties, making them ideal for drones. FPV batteries come in various configurations, including different voltages, capacities, and discharge rates, allowing users to choose a battery that best suits their drone's specifications and flying needs. These batteries play a crucial role in powering FPV drones, providing the necessary energy for flight and enabling pilots to enjoy immersive FPV experiences.

FPV Battery

How Do I Choose a Battery for My FPV Drone?

Choosing the right battery for your FPV drone involves considering several key factors:

Voltage (S): FPV drones usually operate on 3.7V per cell, with most drones requiring 3S (11.1V) or 4S (14.8V) batteries. Check your drone's specifications to determine the required voltage.

Capacity (mAh): This indicates how much energy the battery can store. Higher capacity batteries provide longer flight times but are usually heavier. Strike a balance based on your flight needs and drone's weight limits.

Discharge Rate (C-rating): This determines how quickly the battery can discharge its energy. Look for a C-rating that meets or exceeds the current draw of your drone's motors and electronics to avoid damaging the battery.

Size and Weight: Ensure the battery fits your drone's battery compartment and does not exceed its weight limits, which can affect flight performance.

Connector Type: Match the battery's connector type (e.g., XT60, XT30) with your drone's power distribution board or connector for compatibility.

Flight Style: Consider your flying style, whether it's racing, freestyle, or aerial photography, as different styles may require different battery characteristics.

How Long Does FPV Drone Battery Last?

The flight time of an FPV drone battery depends on several factors, including the drone's weight, flying style, throttle management, and battery capacity. On average, FPV drones with a 1300mAh battery can fly for about 5-7 minutes, while larger capacity batteries can provide up to 20 minutes of flight time. However, aggressive flying, such as racing or freestyle maneuvers, can significantly reduce flight time. It's essential to monitor your battery's voltage during flight using an onboard battery voltage monitor or telemetry system to avoid over-discharging, which can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.

What Is the Best Battery for a 5" FPV Drone?

The best battery for a 5 inch FPV drone depends on your specific needs and flying style. For a 5 inch FPV drone, a 4S 1300mAh battery with a high discharge rate (around 80-100C) is a popular choice among FPV enthusiasts. This combination provides a good balance of power and flight time for racing or freestyle flying. However, the best battery ultimately depends on your specific needs and flying style. If your frame size is 200-220mm, you can also use the higher capacity 6S FPV battery.


In conclusion, choosing the right FPV battery is crucial for optimizing your drone's performance and flight time. Consider the voltage, capacity, discharge rate, size, and brand when selecting a battery for your FPV drone, and always prioritize safety and reliability. As a global leader in lithium battery cell manufacturing, Grepow offers custom FPV battery for FPV drones in various specifications ranging from 1.6 inches to 10 inches. The battery capacities range from 270mAh to 8000mAh, with discharge rates (C ratings) from 15C to 250C, catering to your specific application requirements. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us at info@gerpow.com.

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