What are the characteristics of drone batteries using lithium polymer materials

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Currently, there are four main types of batteries used in drones, including fuel cells, solar cells, lithium batteries, and lithium polymer batteries. Currently, there are four main types of batteries used in drones, including fuel cells, solar cells, lithium batteries, and lithium polymer batteries. But lithium polymer batteries are the most suitable for drones now. Here are the different characteristics of drone batteries using lithium polymers.

Polymer raw materials

Drone batteries that use lithium polymer materials mean that, battery uses at least one of the three components of positive, negative, or electrolyte uses a polymeric material. Polymer means large molecular weight, the corresponding concept is small molecules, polymer has high strength, high toughness and high elasticity. The polymer battery polymer materials currently developed are mainly used for positive and electrolytes. In addition to inorganic compounds from lithium batteries, lithium-polymer battery positive materials can also use conductive polymers. The electrolytes of lithium polymer batteries are polymer electrolytes (solid or collatic) and have electromechanical solutions, and lithium batteries use electrolytes (liquids or colloids).

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Shape difference

Lithium polymer batteries can be thin, arbitrary and shaped. The reason is that the electrolyte is solid and can be glued rather than liquid. Lithium batteries use electrolytes, which require a robust housing as a secondary package to accommodate the electrolyte. As a result, this also increases the weight of lithium batteries by a fraction.


Most of the current drone batteries are soft-packed batteries, using aluminum film as a shell. When an electromechanical electrolyte is used inside, the liquid does not explode even if it is hot. This is because aluminum-plastic polymer batteries are solid or glued, so there is no leakage, but a natural rupture. But nothing is absolute, and if the current is large enough to short-circuit, it is not impossible for the battery to spontaneously ignite or burst. The occurrence of security incidents on mobile phones and tablets is mostly caused by this situation.

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Cell voltage

Because lithium polymer batteries are polymeric, they can be combined into multiple layers in the cell to achieve high voltages. The nominal capacity of lithium battery core is 3.7V, in order to achieve high voltage in practical application, it is necessary to series multiple cores together to form an ideal high voltage working platform. Grepow has developed a 3.85V lithium polymer battery.


Lithium polymer batteries have low conductivity of solid electrolyte ions. Currently, drone batteries are mainly added to some additives to make it a gel electrolyte to improve conductivity. This also increases ion conductivity, unlike lithium batteries, which maintain a stable value without being affected by the quality of the auxiliary material.

Battery capacity

Lithium polymer batteries are 10 to 15% higher than steel shell batteries of the same size size, and 5 to 10% higher than aluminum shell batteries. Grepow battery manufacturers can customize battery capacity according to user needs, the current custom requirements have reached 40000mah.

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Thinner thickness

Ordinary liquid lithium electricity using the first custom shell, after the plug positive and negative polar village material method, thickness of 3.6mm below the existence of technical bottlenecks. Polymer cores do not have this problem, thickness can be less than 1mm, can meet the needs of micro-drones.

Light weight

Grepow’s drone batteries have a battery energy density of up to 260wh/kg, and batteries with polymer electrolytes do not require a metal shell as a protective outer package. The polymer battery is 40% lighter than the lithium-ion of a steel shell of the same capacity size and 20% lighter than the aluminum shell battery.

Small internal resistance

The internal resistance of the polymer core is smaller than that of the ordinary liquid core. At present, the internal resistance of the polymer cell can even be done below 35 mΩ, greatly reducing the battery’s self-consumption. This extends the standby time of the drone and can be fully in line with international standards. This high-discharge-enabled drone battery is ideal for remote control models and is the most promising alternative to nickel hydride batteries.

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Smart protection board

Drone batteries that use lithium polymer materials typically design a corresponding battery management system (BMS) to protect the battery from charge and discharge. The Battery Management System is a piece of hardware with an electronic system on board that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or pack) and is the link between the battery and it’s user.

Manufacturing technology

Lithium polymer batteries are thinner and the better produced, and the thicker lithium batteries are produced, which allows lithium batteries to expand into more applications. In terms of battery performance, compared with the winding technology, the lamination stacking technology can increase the energy density of the battery by 5%, increase the cycle life by 10% and reduce the cost by 5% under the same conditions.

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Battery price

This is a key factor in determining the capacity of both markets, where the price of polymer batteries is generally higher than that of lithium batteries. But lithium polymer batteries have high C-rate and high energy density that lithium batteries can’t match.

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